Why Fans Say Janelle Brown Is Just Like Meri Now

Spoilers for Sister Wives Season 18 revealed that Janelle Brown seems to be the new Meri Brown and fans can’t get their heads around it. Actually, might her rocketing popularity come crashing down in future episodes? In the past, TLC brought Meri the Miserable and easy-going, non-confrontational Janelle. So, how come people now think that they see some similarities between the two former wives of Kody Brown? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Fans Adore Janelle Brown Right Now

At the moment, everyone shouts the praises of Kody’s former second wife. Oh, how they cheered from the rooftops when she told her husband, “F–k you.” In fact, she F-bombed quite a lot and she worked herself into a towering rage with him. Conversely, Meri mostly looked like a shocked rabbit frozen in the spotlight. Additionally, she only left after Kody told her to go away. So, that’s not a similarity that fans talk about.

Sister Wives fans always described Janelle as the balanced person, the wise one. Recall, she alone cautioned against buying land in Flagstaff before they sold the Las Vegas houses. Previously seldom emotional, she really started showing some passion over Gabe because he was sad about relocating. Fiercely, she defended her boys over the coronavirus rules. And now she’s really angry, people love that she seeks her independence. Meanwhile, Meri just would not go away until she was forced out. Again, there’s little in there to find a similarity. But fans managed to find some.


Sister Wives Star Janelle Is Just Like Meri?

Spoilers for the show revealed that Janelle is single but she’s not ready to mingle. Speaking with Christine Brown, she said that looking for a new man to marry was off the agenda. Additionally, teasers showed her telling Christine at her home that she wasn’t ready for a divorce. TLC fans will see more of that in an upcoming episode. And that there is precisely where the similarities lie between Meri and Janelle.

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On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers discussed the faith that the two women share. Meri spent years trying to convince everyone that she signed up for Kody and she had no choice but to remain part of the family. Kody might lose out on heavenly treasures if she leaves. And now, Janelle seems to take the same stand. That got people talking because it’s not like she never divorced someone before.

TLC Sister Wives Why Fans Say Janelle Brown Is Just Like Meri Now Reddit
Image credit: r/SisterWives Reddit

The original discussion was about Meri hanging around despite being unwanted But the similarly is highlighted in this comment, “Depending on which [religious] rules they go by even if Meri leaves she might still be spiritually married to Kody and [the] same with Janelle.”

Not Divorcing Doesn’t Sit Well With Some People

In reply to the long post about religion and how the women feel obliged to remain, another Sister Wives fan thought Janelle sounded a bit hypocritical. They opined, “Yes Janelle cites her religious beliefs on not being able to leave this marriage but was ok divorcing her first husband…It seems hypocritical to me.”

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