Sister Wives: Meri Brown Struggling, Facing Trademark Issues!

Meri Brown has been quite busy with her new business ‘Worthy Up.’ She spent years working on her passion projects. The Sister Wives star was trapped in a loveless marriage for years. Finally, she realized her worth and left him to embrace singlehood. Meri has been very happy and content with her life. She has been focusing more on her career and inspiring others with her journey.

The reality TV celeb has been hinting about her passion project for a long time. Meri has been keeping fans updated about the latest venture. Recently, she launched her new business on Facebook. She has been inviting her followers to join her community to grow with her. Now, it seems that the TLC celeb could also face some trademark issues with her venture’s name.

Sister Wives: Meri Admits She Has Been In A Trademark Dilemma!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been already creating a lot of controversy for her new business. Fans have been slamming her for charging too much money from her platform. They have been very unhappy with her for positioning herself as a counselor without any degree. Now, it seems that Meri’s has been in a dilemma about trademark issues

Recently, she opened up about her dilemma of choosing the name of her business. Meri posted a selfie while holding a book ‘Worthy’ by Jamie Kern Lima with a big smile. She explained how Worthy Up’s idea was born when she was spending a weekend getaway in the mountains two years back. The TLC celeb spent some time reflecting on her life experiences and feelings to share after so many life lessons.

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Meri continued, “Fast forward, maybe 6 or 8 months, and the beautiful @jamiekernlima announced the upcoming release of her book Worthy.” She admitted shrinking a little from the inside and thought that she couldn’t use the name ‘Worthy Up’ for her project. Moreover, she added, “It will look like I’m just copying her idea and not being unique in mine.”

However, the reality TV celeb gave it serious consideration and found out how impactful her experience was to her in creating the name of her movement. Meri added, “You know when you have an experience and it just then decides to follow her heart and move forward with the name.” She thanked the author after reading her book for being a voice for a reason.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Tells Fans To Not Believe The Lies!

Meri Brown was the last to realize her worth and break free from her toxic marriage. She worked on herself and became the best version of herself. Now, the Sister Wives star inspires others to believe in them. Recently, Meri advised her fans to not believe the lies that people on social media are trying to feed them. She posted a beautiful picture of white daffodils in the post.

Meri told her fans to follow their goals and passions without paying any heed to others. The TLC star continued, “You are worthy of believing the truth that only YOU know what is in your heart.” Moreover, Meri wanted her fans to block out the voices and words of people who don’t know them

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