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Liz Embarrasses Big Ed By Shading Their Sex Life Publicly

In a very NSFW episode, Liz had no issue calling Big Ed out for their terrible sex life.

Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort took a very NSFW turn when the couples were asked to openly discuss their sex lives with a sex educator. Big Ed got upset after his fiancée, Liz, had no issue openly shaming his skills in the bedroom.

Ed and Liz have been struggling during their experience on 90 Day: The Last Resort, which features 90 Day Fiancé couples who’ve reached breaking points undergoing a couples retreat to determine if they want to continue on with their relationships. Big Ed hasn’t been taking therapy seriously — even cheating during one of the exercises and infuriating the other couples — and Liz has accused him of completely talking over her and not putting in real effort to improve their relationship. Liz’s annoyance with Ed clearly spilled over during their time with a sex educator, when right off the bat, Ed made an unfunny joke — asking the sex educator where babies come from — which once again, annoyed all the other couples. Liz shot back, “I’m like, not in the mood for jokes at all” as Jovi commented, “That was not as funny as you think it is.” When Liz and Ed were later asked to rate their sex life, she didn’t hold back in front of the other couples. Liz said Ed was out of shape and that she preferred to please herself.

“I’m not someone to just like stop and give you like five or 10 minutes to catch your breath and then like get back into it,” she said. “I prefer to get myself off.”

Liz also told cameras, “Thinking about being intimate with Ed right now, furthest thing on my mind because it’s just really bad. If we don’t try to work on our sex life in the bedroom, the relationship’s over.”

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Liz insisted to the sex educator that she prefers to please herself and clearly wanted nothing to do with Ed sexually. She reiterated that “he runs out of breath so fast.” Ed for once just sat there quietly, while his other costars were openly amused at his expense.

Ed defended himself to cameras, noting that he just had surgery and he was trying to get back into shape, but Liz interjected that it had been months since the surgery. Liz had no remorse for shading him publicly, saying she just wanted to be honest in therapy. She also admitted she was in fact getting back at him for annoying her with his jokes.

“I told you to stop being funny and you just poke the bear a little bit too hard,” she said.

After therapy, Ed told Liz he was upset at her for “throwing missiles” at him, accusing her of intentionally trying to embarrass him. Liz denied it and wasn’t apologetic at all. When Ed pointed out that no other castmember complained about their partner, she told him to “shut up.” Later, the two had a private conversation when Ed calmed down and Liz reiterated that she was upset Ed was making jokes and not taking things seriously. Ed agreed that he needed to pull back on the comedy.

“The minute things get serious or I get nervous, I go funny,” he said. “And I’m sorry for making jokes instead of paying attention.”

They both acknowledged that they had things to work on and Ed promised he was going to be more serious throughout the experience.

ET spoke to Ed and Liz ahead of this season of 90 Day: The Last Resort, and she shared why she keeps taking Ed back despite his bad behavior. She shared that Ed had a sweet side to him cameras didn’t see.

“Well, when I first met Ed we actually didn’t really get along, but then during the pandemic when we met at the restaurant, our restaurant was just re-opening,” she recalled. “And he didn’t want to go home and then I was getting out of a very bad relationship. So then we would just kind of hang out and just talk for like a half hour after work every day. So I got to, like, get to know him. Not Big Ed — I got to know Ed, his heart, how he is. And that’s a side that people don’t get to see. So, I just got to know about him and his family and his mom and he was so good with [my daughter] Riley. Riley would go to work with me almost every day during the pandemic because there’s no childcare and no school and over time, he would just bring her, like, little toys and stickers. So that was when I kind of saw a different side to him. So we became friends and I just got to know his heart. Then when we started dating, he always made sure I was eating, he always made sure I had my coffee. I’d get off of work and he had my bubble bath ready every night, or, he, like, massaged my feet.”

“I know Ed,” she continued. “And I mean, it’s been pretty rocky. But I also get to see, like, how his heart is. And it’s not always just negative.”

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