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Is Chantel Everett Really Dating THIS Hot Atlanta Rapper? Met His Family!

The Family Chantel star Chantel has now decided to move on in her life and is evidently doing the same as well. She has already joined her dream job as a cosmetic injector, and things are falling in her favor. But now it seems that the celeb is exploring and meeting new people.

Lately, Chantel has been sparking rumors with a famous Atlanta Rapper while viewers are sure that something is cooking between them. Is she back in the dating realm? Who is Chantel’s new guy? Is he from the reality TV world?

The Family Chantel: Who Is Chantel’s New Rumored Boyfriend?

Chantel confirmed in the current The Family Chantel season that a lot of guys had been approaching her after she parted ways with Pedro. However, she felt that she was emotionally unavailable at that time. So, she turned down all the offers and chose to heal herself first.

But as per the current scenario, it seems that Chantel is now perhaps ready to move on in her life. Lately, she has been hanging out with new people and is sparking dating rumors with a famous Atlanta Rapper named Waka Flocka. During an event in October, these two were first spotted in pictures wagging their tongues.

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Since then, rumors about Chantel dating Waka have been surfacing on the internet. Recently, The Sarah Fraser Show addressed the same and confronted the former as well. Apparently, Chantel played smart and didn’t deny the speculation, and she couldn’t even stop gushing over the noted rapper.

Chantel, with a flushed look, stated, “I will tell you Waka’s really nice, he’s really, really nice.” Sarah was quick to show a picture of the rumored couple and complimented that they really looked good together. The Family Chantel star replied with a “Thanks” and continued, “He’s very, very nice. Very funny and very genuine.”

The Family Chantel: Chantel Met Waka’s Family! Praises His Mother

Chantel is a sorted person. She took a step back when a famous Canadian rapper named Drake approached her. She felt that she wasn’t in the right head space and took her own time to deal with divorce. But now it appears that The Family Chantel star isn’t holding herself back and is going with the flow.

During a recent interview, Chantel revealed that she has met Waka’s family as well. She noted that the latter’s mother, Debra Antney, was “very sweet.” The celeb also said, “Their family is just so, so loving and endearing and very funny.” Hence, it was evident that Chantel only had all the good things to say about them.

90 day fiance

Fans saw some potential in Chantel and Waka’s alleged relationship. Apparently, the latter has also been a part of the reality TV realm, as he had a show named Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka on Wetv in 2020. It documented his life with his ex-wife, Tammy Rivera.

As Chantel and Debra both have undergone a messy split on national television, they are both aware of the misery it gave them. Hence, they can relate to each other and bond really well because of the same.

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