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This is why Shekinah and Sarper are on the edge of breaking up

Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven from the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way seemed like a perfectly matched couple compared to their fellow cast members from the same season. They both shared an obsession with their physical appearances and didn’t care much about other people’s opinions. Despite being seen as superficial, their carefree attitude towards public opinion and mutual understanding strengthened their bond.

On the show, Shekinah disclosed that her Turkish boyfriend, Sarper, was so possessive and controlling. He dictated her diet, clothing, and social life. During the Tell-All episodes, the other cast members expressed their confusion and concerns and couldn’t understand why Shekinah put up with such treatment from Sarper. Shekinah overlooked the red flags and relocated to Turkey to be with her partner. However, a year later, problems started to emerge in their relationship.

Despite their efforts to appear perfect together on social media, it’s understandable that all couples will have fights and disagreements once the honeymoon phase ends. However, Shekinah’s recent Instagram stories suggest that her relationship with Sarper may not be as strong as it seems and could end soon. The 42-year-old aesthetician publicly chose to expose her Turkish partner by sharing their recent WhatsApp conversation, which fueled their split rumors.

It all started when Shekinah posted a photo album of herself dressed in a bikini on her Instagram page, @shekinah.garner. Sarper didn’t appreciate the social media post and thought Shekinah’s bikini bottom was too revealing. The Turkish man expressed his disappointment with his American girlfriend’s risqué photos. He reminded her to stay classy and dress appropriately because many of his family members follow her on Instagram.
In a bold move, Shekinah decided to confront her partner’s controlling behavior head-on by taking to her Instagram platform, where she shared her thoughts with her thousands of followers. She expressed her dismay at his actions, highlighting how his insecurities were not only damaging their relationship but also undermining her self-esteem and confidence. By publicly shaming him, she made a powerful statement about the importance of healthy boundaries and mutual respect in a relationship.

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