Sister Wives: “Precious Jewel!”: Meri’s Best Jewel-Toned Outfits After Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone


  • Meri Brown shines in jewel-toned outfits post-Kody Brown split, showcasing her weight-loss journey and personal growth in vibrant colors.
  • Meri’s self-discovery journey amid marital turmoil led to a style transformation.
  • Despite facing criticism for her business ventures, Meri’s journey highlights the importance of authenticity and pursuing self-love and personal fulfillment.

Meri Brown’s Sister Wives journey was tumultuous, but the reality TV star looks stunning in jewel-toned outfits after leaving Kody Brown. After the split, she embarked on a weight-loss journey. While Sister Wives season 19 is still on the way, Meri has kept busy slimming down between seasons. She was initially supportive of Kody’s relationship with Robyn Brown, but their marriage took a significant hit when Meri was catfished online, leading to a rift in their partnership. Despite her efforts to salvage the relationship, Kody’s lack of support and emotional neglect became apparent, leaving Meri feeling miserable and exhausted.

The tipping point came during their anniversary, as Kody’s dismissive attitude towards their relationship became evident. Christine Brown and Janelle Brown left the Sister Wives patriarch first – this gave Meri the courage to do the same. Despite Meri’s persistence, it became clear that Kody had checked out long ago. After their split in Sister Wives season 18, Meri embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She changed physically and emotionally, losing a significant amount of weight. Here are some of Meri’s best jewel-toned outfits amid her lifestyle change.

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Meri Brown Glows In Rich Ruby Red

She Looks Bright And Cheerful

Something I’m still learning, and that is to trust myself. So often I can rationalize or justify ‘reality’ even though my gut says something else.”

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In a reel, Meri stunned in a red top. Early in her journey, Meri shared her new mindset. The reel, taken in June 2023 in Meri’s car, shows a clear shift in Meri’s perspective. “Something I’m still learning, and that is to trust myself. So often I can rationalize or justify ‘reality’ even though my gut says something else,” Meri wrote in her caption. She continued, “So often I can let other people’s opinions or behaviors influence what I know for myself, and that takes my power away from ME and puts it into the hands of someone else.

Aside from showcasing the beginning of her weight loss and spiritual journey, the post also gave insight into the beginning of Meri’s “Worthy Up” campaign. While it seems to be a source of healing for the Sister Wives star, Meri has been scrutinized due to her Worthy Up platform. The new coaching business offers memberships at high prices ranging from $150 to $600. Despite her newfound confidence and body makeover, Meri’s Worthy Up business is drawing negative attention.

Arguably, the membership fees are exorbitant and seem to take advantage of Meri’s fans. Meri’s leveraging her fame from reality TV to promote Worthy Up, reminiscent of her past endeavors where she faced backlash, such as promoting LuLaRoe, a possible multi-level marketing scheme. The perception is that she’s prioritizing profit over genuine community building. The price is disrespectful to Meri’s fans. Her desire for financial freedom is admirable, but charging members high fees for a basic service seems exploitative.

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