Sister Wives: Has Janelle & Christine’s Friendship Fallen Apart?

TLC viewers have seen the bond between the two best friends Christine and Janelle. Over the years, their friendship grew stronger and became rock solid. They joined the family as Sister Wives and raised each other’s kids as their own. The Brown family fallout came as a shock for their viewers. Christine found a new man, David Woolley, and moved on with him. Meanwhile, Janelle has been focusing on her family. Fans were concerned about the new dynamics of the best friends after Christine’s wedding.

However, she already made it clear that the 55-year-old would come as a package deal. Fans were happy to see Janelle third wheeling with Christine and David on many occasions and trips. Sadly, Garrison’s loss devastated Janelle and she is taking her time to recover. But fans have been wondering if Christine and Janelle’s friendship also suffered after the family tragedy.

Sister Wives: Are Janelle & Christine No Longer Best Friends?

Sister Wives stars Christine and Janelle have gone through many challenges together. They become the biggest cheerleaders for each other’s success. The TLC stars shared the same bond after their breakup with Kody Brown. Fans loved to see that Janelle and Christine are not leaving each other’s side despite their exit from the family.

They went on getaways and spent time with each other’s children to make new memories. The last few months have been very difficult on Janelle and the entire Brown family since Garrison’s death. They have been grieving the loss of their beloved family member. Janelle went to her daughter’s Maddie’s home after her son’s funeral.

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Janelle has been using ways to heal herself by spending more time with her grandkids. Fans have been happy to see that the reality TV celeb has been taking some out for herself to recover after the big tragedy. However, they have noticed that both Christine and Janelle have not posted about each other since Garrison’s death. Christine was present at her late son’s funeral.

She has been talking a lot about Garrison on social media. But the TLC star has never posted anything about Janelle since the tragedy. Moreover, Janelle has been very active on social media and spending time with all her children. But she didn’t share anything about her best friend. Hence, the viewers started speculating if their friendship had hit a rough patch.

Sister Wives: Where Are Janelle & Christine Now?

Sister Wives fans have seen Janelle and Christine closer to each other as sisters. They have been giving best friend goals by showing off their bond on social media. However, the celebs haven’t posted anything about each other on social media in the past. Christine got herself busy with her routine work after Garrison’s passing. She has been working to promote her Moab Inn and going on new adventures.

Sister Wives
TLC: Christine Janelle

Meanwhile, Janelle has been staying in North Carolina with her daughter Maddie. She has decided to spend a lot of time at her daughter’s place this year. Hence, it can be a sign that they are still close to each other. The TLC stars might be in touch over a call. Moreover, Christine might have wanted her best friend to spend more time with her kids

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