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90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Demands Homeland Security To Investigate Michael Ilesanmi

  • Angela Deem allegedly has proof that her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, is scamming her, and she’s sharing her supposed evidence on social media.
  • Angela believes that a comment liked by Michael on TikTok is evidence of his scamming activities and aims to kick him out of the country.
  • Despite suspecting Michael was a scammer from the start, Angela married him and now refuses to divorce him, wanting him to suffer.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Angela Deem gathered receipts to supposedly prove she was scammed by Michael Ilesanmi. Michael went “missing” just two months after coming to America. He ran away from Angela’s Georgia house, claiming he was in fear for his life. Michael and Angela waited for nearly a decade for him to get a visa since meeting on Facebook in 2017 for the first time and getting married in 2020. Now that they are no longer together, Angela wants the world to know that Michael is and has always been a liar.

90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem seemingly found proof that her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, scammed her.

Angela has been quite active on social media lately as she goes out of her way to prove that Michael is an alleged scammer.

Her latest Instagram post was a screenshot of a post by Michael on TikTok. It showed Michael wearing glasses and dancing, but Angela wanted fans to focus on the comments Michael received. While most were from fans who cheered Michael on for living his best life and doing well in America, one particular comment from Fleet Wash Pro said, “We did it broda, with a laughing emoji, which caught Angela’s attention. The comment was liked by Michael

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90 Day Fiancé’s Lisa Hamme Is Team Angela Amid Michael’s Scandal

Baby Girl Lisa Relates To Angela

In her caption, Angela wrote that the comment was supposedly taken down by Michael. “But to[o] late,” she added. She wrote, “QUEENOVEREVERYTHING” before including “#HIMELANDSECURITY” and “HOMELAND SECURITY,” which she may have typed to tag the Department Of Homeland Security Instagram page. Angela thought that the since-deleted comment, which was liked by Michael, was evidence that he was a scammer and that she had been a victim of a Nigerian scam. Angela is gathering receipts so she can kick Michael out of the country as soon as possible.

While most 90 Day Fiancé cast members are staying mum regarding this issue, one is supporting Angela.

Angela received the support of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days cast member Lisa Hamme. Lisa was allegedly fired from the franchise after 90 Day Fiancé season 4 when she used a racial slur toward her then-husband Usman Umar, aka Sojaboy. Lisa has maintained that Usman, also from Nigeria and who happens to be Michael’s friend, scammed her and is a Yahoo Boy. This time around, Lisa commented, “This 419 scam needs an investigation ASAP,” on Angela’s post, tagging the Department Of Homeland Security. Other fans in the comments section laughed at Angela’s typo “HIMELAND” security, while some schooled Lisa.

Angela suspected thatMichael was a scammer right from the time he’d sent her a Facebook message seven years ago. She still agreed to meet him and even got engaged and married him before bringing him to America. Angela had ample chances to break up with Michael if she felt he was a fraud, but she didn’t. Even now, Angela is refusing to divorce Michael because she wants to see him suffer. Interestingly, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 8 won’t feature the drama since Michael fled after filming the Tell All.

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