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90 Day Fiance: So Absurd! Fans Angry As Emily Demands To See Kobe’s Ex-Girlfriend

Emily and Kobe have not been 90 Day Fiance stars for long. They made their debut in the ninth season, which came out in 2022. TLC has roped them in for a new season of Happily Ever After. So far, they have a decent storyline. Emily’s family went to Cameroon to meet Kobe’s family, and now they are planning their traditional wedding.

So far, the couple did hit some bumpy ends in their storyline but managed to make it all work. Something very shocking happened in the new episode. That’s because Emily expressed a lot of interest in meeting Kobe’s ex after doubting he cheated on her! Well, did he?

90 Day Fiance: Emily Wants To Meet Kobe’s Ex! He Asks ‘How Does It Matter?’

Emily and Kobe have earned lots of love and appreciation since their 90 Day FIance debut in 2022. They did have some turbulence in their storyline but it didn’t get toxic as they managed to go past these hurdles. But fans won’t be able to see that for too long. That’s because they found Emily to be very toxic in the new episodes. It happened after she demanded to meet Kobe’s ex!

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One of Kobe’s friends told her that he was already dating someone in China when he met Emily. The latter was shocked that it was because her husband had told her he was single. Hence, she expressed interest in meeting the ex. Now that Kobe and Emily have been together for a few years and have three kids together, he doesn’t see the point in his wife making such a demand.

Emily continued to ask that if it wasn’t such a big deal, then why was Kobe stopping her from doing so? In any case, she didn’t change her mind and wanted to meet her partner’s ex. Well, 90 Day Fiance fans also felt similarly about this case. They said Kobe was right, and there was no point in Emily diving deep into the past when Kobe was already her husband and the father of her three kids. Well, only the upcoming episodes will reveal how things will shape up.

90 Day Fiance: Kobe’s Support For Emily Wins The Internet!

Emily has been quite consistent on social media. Ever since she became a stay at home mom of her three kids with Kobe, she often shares family’s wholesome moments on Instagram. But having two kids back to back did take a toll on her. As Emily is unafraid of showing her true side, she addresses this with 90-day Fiance fans.

In one of her stories, she stood in front of the mirror and talked about the struggles of motherhood. Emily had gained as much as 60 Lbs due to her back-to-back pregnancies, so she was talking about that in an upsetting tone. But soon, Kobe saved the day. He lovingly said that his “babe” was “alright.”

Hence, this gesture gained a lot of appreciation and love from 90 Day FIance audience. Many of them have crowned Kobe as the sweetest husband from the show in recent seasons and love to see how much he supports and showers love on his wife.

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