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90 Day Fiance: Is TLC Finally Done With Big Ed, Kicked Him Out ?

Big Ed ended up becoming one of the most famous 90 Day Fiance castmates. Fans now recognise him on an international scale thanks to his viral meme with Rose Vega saying she likes the view. Things didn’t work out with them, but Ed continued to star in the franchise and seek love.

That’s when Big Ed had the fortune of meeting Liz Woods. Despite them having tons of disagreements, they stuck by one another. At last, they decided to work on making their relationship better by starring in The Last Resort spin-off. But lately, rumor has it that TLC is not looking forward to singing more seasons with Big Ed. Is the network finally firing him?

90 Day Fiance: TLC Wants To Get Rid Of Big Ed?

Big Ed came into the limelight for his toxic ways on 90 Day Fiance. He didn’t hold back in humiliating Rose Vega when they debuted in Before The 90 Days. Well, old habits die hard, and he mistreated Liz in the same way when they were together. Hence, viewers never liked him on the show as time passed. Some even signed petitions for TLC to kick him out of their network.

It looks like TLC might just be paying heed to fans’ pleas now. There are rumors going around that Big Ed appeared in the 90 Day Finance franchise for the final time through The Last Resort. A website, “90 Day Fiance News And Memes,” also mentioned that it might just be it for Big Ed and Liz Woods. Is it because TLC decided to pull the plug on the couple?

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Well, Redditors had a lot of interesting theories. A user implied that Big Ed and Liz have often stated how life-changing going on The Last Resort was for them. Believe it or not, the couple actually made peace with each other and barely fight now after intense therapy sessions on the show. Moreover, they are also finally married.

Sources revealed that Ed and Liz tied the knot on August 29 at an intimate ceremony. The couple had also hinted at a new beginning by moving to Arkansas from San Diego. So, these are various hints because of which fans think they are deterring away from chasing that reality TV fame. But it is still unclear if they willingly made these decisions or if TLC was the one who made the final call and fired the couple.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Tried Hard To Mend His Image, Failed Miserably?

Big Ed was on another level when he starred in 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort with Liz Woods. At first, he was quite arrogant and even cheated during trust exercises. Due to this, fans initially thought there was no way he would change. But he did show progress. The star began trusting Liz more.

There was a segment when Ed outed his fellow male castmates by telling Liz that they planned on going to the strip club. He also maintained his cool whenever a fight broke out between him and his future wife. Because of this, fans began thinking Ed really does stand a chance of changing.

But the final blow came when Big Ed interfered in Yara and Jovi’s relationship by revealing the latter tried to get in touch with his stripper ex. He pissed Jovi off so much that the latter also aimed a punch at Big Ed, and security had to break them up. Because of this, Ed again holds an ill reputation in front of the audience.

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