‘Sister Wives’ Why Dayton Brown Really Lives In RV?

The Sister Wives story that Dayton Brown lived in an RV parked near Kody Brown’s home was discussed after Gwendlyn Brown talked about it. That came after a brief scene in Season 17 revealed that Robyn might have used the RV because one of the kids broke the coronavirus rules. However, TLC fans now think they know the real reason.

Sister Wives Fans Like Dayton Brown

It’s a common rumor that Robyn’s oldest son has Aspergers and is on the autism spectrum. It has never been confirmed, but that only makes TLC fans like him more. When he was just 12 years old, he had a really nasty accident on an ATV. Badly cut after he rode through a barbed wire fence, fans speculate whether it happened under Kody’s watch. Another reason they like him is that he seemed sad about the adoption and having to change his name.

Dayton Brown from Sister Wives Robyn Brown's Instagram page
Dayton Brown from Sister Wives
Dayton Brown allegedly designed some of the jewelry that Robyn Brown sold via her defunct online store. If Robyn had told fans about that, she might have had a lot more customers. Clearly, he’s talented. And hardworking. Rumors that he flunked out of university were debunked when he graduated. In fact, he left college with degrees in marketing, ISM, and management. Furthermore, he obtained certificates in analytics and more.

TLC Star Dayton Brown Lived In The RV – Why?

Paedon Brown also claimed that his adopted brother lived in the RV. More recently, rumors abounded that Kody moved in with him after clashing with Robyn. That came after he sang a Cameo about being “a man of wives with no wives.” Naturally, as Sister Wives fans don’t like Kody much, they really hoped that didn’t happen. Poor Dayton! However, he might not have been living there since he graduated college.

On Reddit, an OP wrote, “I have a feeling that Dayton’s RV outside the McMansion was not purchased because he refused to follow the Covid-19 rules. Instead, I believe it was Dayton’s second attempt at living independently.”  Interestingly the RV doesn’t seem to be in any shots from Season 18 of the TLC show so perhaps he moved. There is a rumor that he went to stay with his biological dad, David Jessop. However, that is pure speculation.

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Most Sister Wives fans in the discussion about Dayton Brown agree that it’s possible that Kody and Robyn lied about the coronavirus. So, it’s likely that her son decided he’d like to try independence. However, the conversation also revolved around why Robyn might try and hide that. Actually, it could have made a good storyline for the Sister Wives show.

Why do you think that Dayton Brown moved into the RV? Do you think that he broke the coronavirus rules? Or, was that an excuse to get the young man used to living an independent life? If he really is on the spectrum, that might have been a great idea. However, secrecy seems to be a trait that Robyn Brown nurtures these days. Did you notice that in Season 18, the RV can’t be seen?

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