Sister Wives: Tony Padron Pushes Mother-In-Law Christine To Answer A Controversial Question!

Christine Brown has fully immersed herself in the wedding preparations these days. She is finally going to walk down the aisle with her fiance, David Woolley. Fans remain super excited to see the Sister Wives celeb getting all the love she deserves. Meanwhile, Season 18 features her life after her divorce from Kody Brown.

Christine has got the support of all her daughters after the separation. She spends her time with her kids, especially since she is now in Utah and closer to them all. However, Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, ended up asking a controversial question to her. So, what was it?

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Pushes Christine To Spill About Her Polygamy Experience!

Tony Padron initially failed to turn heads on Sister Wives. However, he slowly grabbed the viewer’s attention with a change in his personality in the coming years. Now, he shares an impeccable bond with his Mykelti Brown after three kids.

Meanwhile, Christine Brown is busy finding a man these days on Season 18. She has been discussing with her kids about what she wants in her new man. She even hired a professional matchmaker to hurry up the process.

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The recent sneak peek of the new episode revealed Christine sitting with Mykelti, Aspyn, and their husbands Tony and Mitch. In it, she revealed that she was looking for something that Kody never was. Also, the Sister Wives star, Christine, stated that she wanted a partner who’s a good communicator.

She wants a guy with a good sense of humor. Later, the conversation moved to polygamy, and Christine completely refused to be in that arrangement again. Finally, Tony Padron came up with a controversial question. He asks, “Have you concluded that (polygamy) doesn’t work?”

However, Christine was taken aback at first and gave an indirect answer. She claimed that polygamy doesn’t work for her anymore. However, she has all her children because of that, so she doesn’t regret it at all. Hence, it is clear that she does not regret her choices even after facing so many bumps.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Speaks About Her Fears On Dating Again!

Christine Brown received immense love for walking out of the polygamous marriage. Fans adore her standing up for her self-respect and inner peace. The new season is highlighting how the mother-of-six is bracing up to enter the dating realm again.

Christine shocked her daughter Mykelti by informing her that she was seeking professional help to find a man. The Sister Wives star revealed that she hired a matchmaker to find the type of guy she wants. However, Mykelti was utterly shocked by her mother’s new revelation.

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A new sneak peek of the show revealed that Christine was afraid to enter the dating world again. Moreover, she talked about her insecurities and intimacy skills. The mom-of-six also admitted wondering if she would suck at kissing now.

But fans can easily sense that David has wiped away all the fears of Christine. Now, we’ll have to wait to see how she’ll meet him in the upcoming seasons.

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