‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Preview: Kody Brown’s Shocking Allegations

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is making shocking claims in the upcoming Tell-All. Season 18 ended negatively for him and his now-ex-wives. He failed to bring back Christine and Janelle. Meanwhile, he showed no hope of reigniting his marriage with Meri, which also led to her departure. Robyn, who’s only the remaining wife, expressed her frustration after all the things that happened. She even encouraged her husband to fix his problems with the wives. But instead of making up to them, the patriarch began to share some shocking allegations. Keep reading to see what Kody said to his wives, especially to Janelle.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Goes All Out On Ex-Wives In Tell-All Preview

The Season 18 finale brought many viewers to the edge of their seats. Things got even better when TLC did a preview of the Tell-All by the end of the season. It featured Kody going all out with his ex-wives. It also appears that the 54-year-old is no longer backing down from what he wanted to say to his exes. He even mentioned never loving two of his wives, and some believe that he’s referring to Christine and Janelle. “They’re trash-talking me because I’m guilty of not loving them,” he said. Kody even called out Janelle and claimed that he never wanted to talk to her again.

Kody Brown YouTube
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Kody’s Shocking Claims Against Janelle

TLC also released a new sneak peek for the upcoming Tell-All. It features Kody’s shocking claims that Janelle was never in love with him and only saw him as a physical specimen due to his pecs and six-pack abs. According to him, that was all she was interested in, and she never thought about his “humanity,” which refers to his invulnerability. The Sister Wives star added that he was treated like a piece of meat. But Janelle had some words to say about his allegations.

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Sister Wives Janelle Kody YouTube
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Janelle reacted to Kody’s claims about her seeing him only for his physical appearance. According to the Sister Wives star, she doesn’t deny his specs and abs. But it wasn’t all about that. “There’s so much more to a marriage than that right?” she said while bursting out of laughter with the host, Sukanya Krishnan. “It’s about emotional connection for me,” she added. She also pointed out that they were in big danger, but all he thought about was being used as a resource and for his body.

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It’s clear to see that the upcoming Tell-All is going to feature a lot of interesting exchanges from the exes. The first episode of the one-on-one interviews will premiere on Sunday, November 26, 2023, on TLC.

Sister Wives Kody Brown says Janelle makes him

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