Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Describes “Loyal” & “Obedient” Robyn Like She’s A Pet Dog

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has made some poor statements about his wives in the past, but the way he's speaking about Robyn recently is rough.

  • Kody’s recent comments about his wife Robyn likening her to a pet dog have sparked criticism from fans. He describes her as “loyal” and “obedient,” which some see as disrespectful.
  •  Kody’s relationship with Robyn has always been emotional and different from his other marriages. His feelings for her are more romantic and he values her loyalty.
  •  Despite the criticism, Kody remains steadfast in his love for Robyn. His language may be problematic, but fans have seen his strong connection with her throughout the series.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown hasn’t always been popular with fans of the series, and his recent comments about his wife Robyn Brown that liken her to a pet dog haven’t helped the situation. Throughout Sister Wives season 18, Kody shares his genuine feelings surrounding all of his wives, including his disdain for Christine Brown, his confusion over Janelle Brown, and his disinterest in Meri Brown, but Robyn has always been a soft spot for Kody. As he considers Robyn the love of his life, Kody is typically kind when it comes to his descriptions of Robyn. He’s sentimental over her and consistently reassures viewers that their love is true.

In the most recent episode of Sister Wives season 18, Reddit user u/Whistleblower793 noticed that, “Kody describes Robyn like she’s a dog,” sharing, “she’s ‘loyal’ and ‘obedient’. Those are words you use to describe your dog, not your wife. Why is she okay with him describing her this way?” Other fans on Reddit chimed in, agreeing with the sentiment like u/Lego_5656 who shared, “You are so right!…He sees himself far superior over women, it’s annoying.” Another Reddit fan, u/gourdeonkeek, explained, “he’s a sexist egomaniac and is unable to understand the perspective of other human beings who are women.”

Kody & Robyn’s Sister Wives Relationship Explained

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While Kody and Robyn’s marriage has been his shortest to date, their relationship has been one of the most emotional of Kody’s marriages. After being married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine for around 20 years, Kody met Robyn and began to court her in 2010. The couple married in 2014 and Robyn joined the Brown family, changing the dynamics entirely. Kody’s existing wives noticed quickly that his feelings for Robyn seemed different from the ones he had for them. The romantic love that Kody seemed to feel for Robyn was far more prevalent than what he felt for Christine, Janelle, or Meri.

While Sister Wives season 18 has painted a brand-new side of Kody, he’s been clearer than ever about where he sits regarding his relationship with Robyn. While his anger toward his other wives has grown, Kody has remained steadfast in his love for Robyn. His language surrounding his feelings, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Kody speaks about Robyn as though she’s an object and does at times use language that is akin to how someone would talk about a pet dog. He praises her for being loyal and not leaving his side, which are qualities Kody values more than ever after having multiple wives leave him recently.

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The dynamics between Kody and Robyn have been a major part of Sister Wives success as a series. Fans have understood that Kody has been more romantically in love with Robyn than with his other wives for years, and with them all beginning to see where his heart truly lies, it’s been more dramatic than ever in the Brown family. As Sister Wives Kody continues to frame his most loving relationship with Robyn in some harsh terms, many will continue to take issue with the blatant sexism that Kody projects. Unfortunately, Robyn, who has worked hard to survive in the Brown family, may not take issue with it at all.

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