Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Reveals If She’d Ever Return To Polygamy With David Woolley

Christine Brown from Sister Wives reveals if she’s happy in her monogamous marriage with David Woolley or if she wants to add a sister wife.

  •  Christine Brown from Sister Wives embraces monogamy and has no desire for more sister wives. Her new marriage with David Woolley is “wonderful and beautiful” in her eyes.
  •  Christine cherishes her friendship with her sister wife Janelle, stating that she will always be a part of her life, regardless of polygamy or monogamy.
  •  After experiencing decades in a plural marriage, Christine now understands how monogamy is beneficial for her own life and finds joy in not sharing her partner with others.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives loves monogamy and doesn’t want to have any more sister wives. The 51-year-old reality star lived nearly 30 years with Kody Brown. She had six children with him and embraced plural marriage with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Kody stopped paying attention to Christine after his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, came into the picture. He began ignoring his other family members, which led them to fall out of love with him. In 2021, Christine boldly decided to end her marriage with Kody. She returned to the dating game and married another man named David Woolley.

Recently, Christine opened up about her current feelings for polygamy and if she ever wants to try it out with her new husband. She said (via Us Weekly), “No, no, no, no. I love a monogamy,” revealing that she has no plans to share her man with other women again. Christine claimed her one-on-one relationship with David is “wonderful and beautiful,” adding that she’s “loving” her monogamous marriage. The Sister Wives star also claimed that David doesn’t want to try it out either and has always been clear that they wouldn’t do polygamy after tying the knot.

Christine Brown Reveals What She Loved About Polygamy

Sister Wives' Christine & Janelle Brown looking serious

Christine did share something positive about her past polygamous life with Kody. She revealed the best thing she ever got from her plural marriage. The mother of six admitted, “I love that living polygamy brought me Janelle,” hinting that her friendship with her sister wife is the best benefit she got from the situation. Christine added, “She’s my sister wife. She’s always going to be my sister wife,” adding that Janelle is part of the package and will always be in her life. She stated that Janelle and David “get along great.”

There was some initial concern for Christine after she entered a monogamous relationship with David. However, her newfound glow after marriage proves she is content with her new life. Christine didn’t enjoy monogamy for over three decades. The romance she had experienced with Kody wasn’t exclusive and didn’t make her feel special. Christine now sees how a monogamous marriage is beneficial to her and feeld the joy of not sharing her partner with someone else.

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Christine is also right to keep in touch with Janelle, despite no longer being a part of one family. The two ladies became best friends over the course of 30 years, and it wouldn’t have made sense for that to change just because of their divorce from Kody. It would also be wrong if Christine left Janelle behind just because of her monogamous marriage with David. Christine and Janelle are way more than just two relatives. The Sister Wives stars are each other’s confidants, and that’s way more important than whether they opt for polygamy or monogamy.

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