Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 Recap: Most Shocking Moments

Sister Wives season 18 episode 8 shared a look at Kody Brown's thoughts surrounding Meri Brown's upcoming move as Robyn Brown tried to control things.

  •  Sister Wives season 18 episode 8 reveals Meri’s plan to move her clothing business to Utah, which creates discomfort between her and Kody as she breaks the news.
  •  Christine expresses concern over her daughter Gwendlyn moving in with Janelle’s sons, citing differences in views and lifestyles, although the siblings are excited about the arrangement.
  •  Kody remains surprisingly calm about Meri’s move to Utah, showing his lack of interest in their relationship and solidifying the fact that it is effectively over. Robyn feels she has no control over the family dynamics.

Sister Wives season 18 episode 8 brought Meri Brown’s news about moving away to the forefront while Janelle Brown went on an uncomfortable date with her estranged husband Kody Brown. Sister Wives season 18 has been an interesting mix of moments showing that the family dynamics have stayed the same as they’ve always been, while others show how much they’ve changed. With Robyn and Kody the only stable relationship in the Brown family, Kody has been at odds with Janelle and Christine Brown, while Meri has been trying to play the middle. For Kody, understanding where to turn has been difficult throughout the season.

After Kody and Christine’s tricky split during Sister Wives season 17, things have been tremendously hard for the Brown family. Kody’s spiral of emotions took over his other relationships, leaving Robyn to clean up Kody’s messes with his other wives while Janelle and Meri were left to fend for themselves. Janelle, who has spent the majority of Sister Wives season 18 arguing with Kody, has been distant while Meri, who has tried to maintain her position in the family, has been withdrawing from the Browns entirely.

Meri Shared The News About Moving Her Business

After Sister Wives season 18 episode 7 confirmed that Meri would be moving her clothing business from Arizona to Utah in order to make her life a bit easier, she was clearly nervous to share the information with Kody. Instead of telling Kody, she told her business partner and Robyn, hoping to get some practice in breaking the news. Robyn, unfortunately, wasn’t thrilled about the idea of Meri relocating, even if things weren’t permanent. Meri finally broke the news to Kody during Sister Wives season 18 episode 8 and it was deeply uncomfortable.

After heading over to Kody and Robyn’s home, Meri got on with things quickly and let Kody know she’d be selling her home and moving her business away from Flagstaff. While Meri provided an abundance of details about the move and the decision, Robyn seemed stressed and Kody, uncharacteristically, seemed tremendously calm. Rather than getting upset, he took the information in and nodded along, hearing Meri out as she gave her reasonable list of thoughts behind making the decision. It was clear that Meri was nervous, but Kody’s response was more jarring than Meri’s nerves.

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Christine’s Daughter Gwendlyn Planned To Move In With Janelle’s Son Garrison

Side by side images of Christine Brown From Sister Wives

Elsewhere, Christine, Janelle, and a few of their children were together on an exciting day. Christine and Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown, was planning on moving in with Janelle’s sons, Gabe Brown and Garrison Brown. While Gwendlyn, Gabe, and Garrison were all excited about the move, Christine had reservations. According to Christine Gabe and Garrison are both sweet, but share very different views and lifestyles than Gwendlyn, so she was reluctant about the living situation being successful for the siblings.

Regardless of the concern, the group of siblings was excited to be living with family in Garrison’s new house. Christine and Janelle did both seem happy about the idea that their kids would be living with siblings they grew up with, and though Christine was finding moments to be concerned about, it was clear that she would be supportive of Gwendlyn’s choices regardless. The group discussed having future holidays together, clearly living in a world where they are all mostly separated from Kody and the rest of the Brown family.

Kody Didn’t Seem Upset About Meri’s Move To Utah

Sister Wives- Kody Started The Brown Family Civil War

Throughout his conversation with Meri and Robyn about the move from Flagstaff, Kody was surprisingly calm. He took in Meri’s news without much anger or even reaction at all, keeping quiet and asking a few questions. Overall, Kody’s lack of reaction seemed to make Meri scramble a bit more to talk about the move in a positive light. In interview segments, Kody clarified that he wasn’t reacting because the news didn’t really impact him. His relationship with Meri has been minimal over the last several years, and seeing her move away won’t have an effect on his life.

The lack of interest Kody has in Meri’s move is jarring for several reasons, but most importantly because it truly proves that he has no stake in their relationship. Meri, who was nervous coming into the conversation, skirted around her point several times and had Robyn help her share the news, but Kody’s lack of interest in Meri just proves that their relationship is effectively over. This is scary not only for Meri, who’s been with Kody for over 30 years, but for Robyn who’s interested in continuing to live in plural marriage.

Robyn Felt She Had No Say In The Brown Family

Sister Wives Robyn and Kody

As Robyn stood by and helped Meri deliver the news of her move to Kody, it was clear that she wasn’t happy about the situation in the slightest. She rolled her eyes and sighed in annoyance often, making it clear that she wasn’t on board while Kody seemed to be perfectly fine with the decision. In her interview segment, Robyn explained that she wasn’t happy about Meri’s move and that it made her feel like she has no say in the family.

She shared that though she tries to keep the Brown family together, she can’t do it on her own. Robyn felt she didn’t have support from Christine before she left, and after, felt that Janelle and Kody seemed to abandon ship as well. While Robyn’s always had Meri, she explained that with Meri’s move, things feel like they’re entirely out of her control moving forward, and that their family feels like it’s fallen out of her reach entirely. Robyn, as usual, is taking Meri’s issues and making them her own, overreacting and pushing unnecessarily for a resolution that works for her.

Meri Explained The Move Didn’t Mean She Was Leaving The Family

Sister Wives' Meri Brown looking sad, with Robyn Brown and Kody Brown

During Meri’s conversation with Robyn and Kody, she wasn’t being completely forthright and Robyn took the opportunity to call her out. In a moment of dissonance, the viewers saw Sister Wives facade crumble a bit as Robyn pushed for Meri to explain to Kody that her move didn’t mean she was leaving the family. Meri felt that didn’t need to be said outright, but Robyn was certain that it did with the way Kody has been processing things from his relationships in general.

Meri explained that her move was just about her business decisions, not about her feelings surrounding the family or Kody in general. She shared that she wasn’t leaving Kody or the family, and for the first time in the conversation, Kody seemed like he was actually interested in what Meri had to say. He explained in an interview segment that he felt like it didn’t really matter either way, but it was clear that Kody and Meri’s relationship, despite her trying to salvage it, wasn’t doing well. Without much emotion, Kody appeared distant and uninterested, making his stance clear.

Christine Was Disappointed In Janelle’s Choices About Kody

Sister Wives' Christine & Janelle Brown looking serious

On Janelle’s birthday, Christine went to Flagstaff to spend time with her fellow sister wife. Though she was there to see Janelle, things were a bit uncomfortable between the two when Christine found out Janelle would be spending her birthday with Kody. Christine spoke candidly in a self-taped confessional segment that she was disappointed at Janelle still hanging on to her relationship with Kody.

Kody Took Janelle On A Superficial Birthday Date

Although Janelle and Kody have been on the rocks for the majority of Sister Wives season 18, Kody decided he would be taking Janelle out on a date for her birthday. Both Janelle and Kody discussed things being a bit awkward, but knew they’d be able to turn off the discomfort considering how long they’ve been together. Kody was treating the date as a way to get back into Janelle’s good graces, but Janelle seemed to be taking the opportunity to have a final fond memory with Kody, knowing things would likely be coming to an end for them soon.

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