Sister Wives: Robyn Flaunts New Big Ring After Kody’s Three Divorces!

Sister Wives Season 18 features the chaotic aftermath of three consecutive divorces in the Brown family. Kody Brown is trying his best to hold on to his marriage with Janelle, but it evidently is slipping from his hands. Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they noticed Robyn upgrading her lifestyle.

During a recent episode, fans noted Robyn’s new and bigger ring that she flaunted after three splits. What is she up to now? Did she trade her wedding ring for this new one?

Sister Wives: Robyn Shows Off Newer & Bigger Diamond Ring Amid Kody’s Three Divorces

Season 18 documented Robyn’s desire to sit with her Sister Wives on her porch and spend time with them. It also featured her hysterical crying because she was watching the disintegration of her polygamous family. But that’s not all! Recently, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed the celeb’s new addition to her jewelry.

During a recent episode, Robyn Brown was ranting her heart out in her confessional segment when fans noticed her new ring. It evidently wasn’t her usual wedding band, as it had a giant diamond on it. Soon, a Reddit thread started, and they wondered if the celeb chose to trade her ring for a new one.

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A user wrote, “She definitely traded in her simple wedding band for this new doorknob.” Someone further pointed out that Kody was also spotted wearing a new ring during Sister Wives Season 18. Apparently, it was shiny to the extent that Meri was getting distracted because of it during her conversation with him.

Several viewers even accused Kody of upgrading his lifestyle with Janelle and Meri’s money. A fan wrote, “They are laundering money; Janelle’s money, Meri’s money.” Another one added, “I swear these two are spending money like a couple of thieves trying to launder shit.” But the shocking part was that these expensive purchases came after Kody had sold his three cars.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Sold His Three Sports Cars

Christine, Janelle, and Meri were clearly the main breadwinners of the Sister Wives family, while Robyn was a stay-at-home mother. After they had already left the family, viewers were sure that Kody would be facing money issues because of the same. But it was a bit ironic that he was adding new pieces of jewelry to his collection while he had to sell his three cars because of financial issues.

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During a recent episode, Kody decided to sell his truck and his sports car to his friend, Brian. He is his business partner who purchases and sells cars as well. As per the reports, the celeb had some dues which he had to clear. Hence, Kody decided to pass on the vehicles to which some of his dearest memories were attached.

Fans were in shock as they saw Kody wearing expensive rings during Season 18. But on the other hand, they even witnessed him selling his cars because of his debt. This made them wonder what the celeb was up to.

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