Sister Wives: Robyn Breaks Down, Reveals She’s Facing Marriage Troubles With Kody

The moment is finally here! Sister Wives fans had been looking forward to the Tell All for this season for the longest time. That’s because Janelle and Meri also parted ways with Kody after Christine. Moreover, Robyn’s bond also began to suffer because of it. This was quite shocking to fans as the latter couple seemed to be the strongest.

As per a brand new clip from the upcoming Tell All, Robyn Brown is going to speak about the trouble she has been facing ever since all the other wives left. What exactly did she say? Has Kody begun to resent her, too?

Sister Wives: Robyn Says Kody Tried To Sabotage Their Relationship! Cries Hard

This year’s Sister Wives season has been the most interesting yet. Viewers got to see Janelle and Meri come to terms with how their plural marriage with Kody wasn’t working and planning to leave. It was right after Christine had decided the same in the last season. While talking about the same, Robyn had some interesting claims during the Tell All.

Host Sukanya Krishnan didn’t hold back and directly asked Robyn if Kody’s three divorces affected their bond. She wanted to know if the patriarch had ever tried to “sabotage their relationship.” The cast member couldn’t hold back tears while saying that had indeed been the case, and she tried to stop him all the time.

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Robyn, being Sobyn Robyn, shed more tears while saying she just didn’t know how to let such a thing go. But her vulnerable state didn’t stop the Sister Wives star from taking a massive dig at Christine. The former angrily yelled, “Thanks Christine.” While trying to imply things began falling apart for Robyn and Kody right after the third wife exited the family.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Christine will react to these claims. On the other hand, they are pretty much used to Kody and Robyn never accepting their mistakes and always shifting the blame. Hence, seeing them do this once again during the Tell All just wasn’t new to the fanbase.

Sister Wives: Robyn Slams Christine For Messing Up Kody’s Ego! Gave Him Trust Issues

While Robyn aggressively took a dig at Christine in the latest Tell All, the former had been doing this subtly all throughout the season. There was a point where she spoke up about her issues with Kody in a confessional. The Sister Wives star stated how she has to remind her husband that he is still married to her despite the other divorces. Hence, he should focus on that.

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Robyn also claimed how Christine’s departure from the family gave Kody “trust issues,” and his ego got affected big time. She mentioned how Kody had begun to have issues in their marriage, too. It was because of his insecurities that came out after the third wife ended their marriage. Thus, Robyn was again trying to shade Christine by saying such things.

How do you think Christine will react to Robyn’s claims? Let us know what you’re expecting from the Tell All through tthe comments section.

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