‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Janelle Brown Goes on Awkward Date With Kody Amid Separation

Kody seems confused as to why they can’t reconcile while Janelle seems set on moving on.

Kody Brown might be waiting a while for a kiss from his estranged wife, Janelle Brown. Though the Brown family patriarch takes Janelle out on a birthday date on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, it seems he has underestimated just how far gone their relationship is in Janelle’s eyes.

Kody picks up Janelle for her birthday, taking her out to the fanciest restaurant in Arizona (shockingly not the same Mexican restaurant that the entire family has been inhabiting this entire season), and while Janelle is perfectly pleasant, she seems rather set on their marriage being over.

“I just don’t think there’s much path forward for Kody and I. We just are different people now,” Janelle explains. “He thinks differently. He’s very, very wrapped up with the children at Robyn’s house. Robyn and he think a lot alike. They want to live the same kind of life. And I’m really looking for a relationship where I’m equally considered.”

Though Kody admits to be “jonesing” on the date, wondering if they could share a goodnight kiss, it’s clear he shouldn’t hold his breath.

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Janelle and Kody Brown

“At one point I slipped my hand into his out of habit, and I thought, ‘This feels really weird,’ and I took my hand back out of his hand,” Janelle shares. “It just didn’t feel right anymore.”

Kody is completely baffled by Janelle’s lack of desire to rekindle their romance.

“I don’t know why we can’t reconcile,” he says. “So we had a bad fight. We’ve had worse. So we’re separated. We’ve had other separations.”

Kody Brown

But Janelle remains firm, saying, “You know, there just isn’t anything there anymore. There just isn’t. Our relationship has been unraveling for years.”

Though these episodes were filmed in early 2022, fans of the show know that Janelle now considers herself “single” and permanently split from Kody.

Janelle Brown

In 2021, Christine Brown ended her relationship with Kody and this past January, Meri Brown also announced that she had “permanently terminated” her marriage to the reality star. His only remaining wife is Robyn Brown.

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