Sister Wives: Mykelti Flaunts Amazing Gifts From David Woolley!

Mykelti Padron has become a Sister Wives fan-favorite with her loving and sweet personality. She has been very close with Kody and Robyn. Fans even doubted her intentions when she continued bonding with her father and his favorite wife. But she has loved both Christine and Kody equally. Recently, Mykelti also attended her mom’s wedding with David Woolley.

Fans know how much Christine and her new partner love being around kids and grandkids. It appears that David has started to shower Mykelti ‘s children with expensive gifts. Recently, the latter flaunted Avalon’s new toy, given by her grandpa David. What is it?

Sister Wives: Mykelti Reveals That Her Children Call David Grandpa!

Christine’s daughter, Mykelti, loves showing off her kids’ new adventures on social media. Seemingly, all of the former’s daughters have accepted David happily in the family. The two families have been sharing a good bond. Now, it appears that Woolley is trying to win his new grandchildren over with some amazing gifts.

Recently, Mykelti shared a new post on Instagram about Avalon’s new toy. She uploaded some pictures of her daughter sitting in her new motorized car. Mykelti’s daughter sported a black and white jacket with a woolen cap as she sat in her black and white car.

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The little girl was looking excited and happy while posing with her new gift. In the second picture, Mykepti posed with Tony and the remote control behind Avalon in his hands with a big smile. The Sister Wives star wrote, “She knows she’s cool ……. Oma & Grandpa got new toys and Miss Avalon is obsessed.”

Further, she added, “Maybe @tonychessnut is too little.” Sister Wives fans were happy that David got the status of being the Granddad in the family. Also, the others noticed the big smile on Tony’s face while operating the car.

A fan wrote, “The smile on Tony’s face! He is definitely enjoying this as much as Avalon.” Further, the others gushed over the cuteness on Avalon’s face while riding the toy. A different fan stated, “Cuteness Overload!”

Sister Wives: Mykelti Overjoyed As They Attend Christine’s Wedding!

Mykelti Padron is a big supporter of her mother, Christine Brown. However, she prefers keeping a neutral attitude in the family to avoid drama and chaos. The Sister Wives celeb made sure to enjoy her mother’s wedding with her family.

Recently, Mykelti shared some amazing pictures from Christine and David’s big day. She uploaded a cute family picture on her wall with her three kids and husband, Tony. Mykelti was dressed in a stunning orange silk dress, while her husband sported a purple shirt for the occasion.

Tony matched his outfit with his daughter Avalon’s dress. Meanwhile, Mykelti and her twin boys sported color-coordinated outfits. She also posed with her husband in the second picture. Also, the reality TV star uploaded a photo of her daughter while holding her in her arms.

Avalon was looking adorable in a white and purple gown as her mother kissed her. Fans were quick to gush over the family of five and showered them with lovely comments. Also, they praised the pair for their incredible weight loss.

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