Sister Wives: Meri Shows Off Her Skinny Figure In Tiny Shorts

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has undergone significant changes after she walked out of her love-less marriage with Kody. She is now prioritizing her mental and physical health by surrounding herself with people who support and uplift her.

The reality TV celeb recently took to her social media account to flaunt her whopping weight loss in short shorts and a tank top. The pictures were captured on her recent trip with her pal. Read further to have another scoop.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Flaunts Her Incredible Weight Loss Transformation!

Meri Brown looks stunningly different in her new Instagram uploads from her recent trip to Disneyland. She shared a carousel of pictures flaunting her skinnier self. The first picture featured her in short denim shorts paired with a yellow Mickey Mouse tank top. She added eyeglasses with her usual black sneakers to amp up her theme park outfit.

The Sister Wives celeb was seen donning a wide smile while posing with a Mickey Mouse. While the rest of her uploads featured Meri in different outfits, posing with her close friend Blair. They were celebrating Halloween at the California theme park. These snaps were captured at different spots exploring the famous Disney Castle.

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This post shared on Monday amassed a lot of love from Sister Wives fans. One of Meri’s fans penned, “Wow! You look happy! You’re glowing; you must be doing something right. You deserve to be happy. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.” Another fan gushed that she looks stunning.

While several others claimed that she looks better without her former husband, Kody. A fan opined, “Meri, it’s wonderful seeing you have your own life and making great memories. I wish TLC would do a show called Afterlife… the Journey after Polygamy.”

Another fan expressed her happiness that she is finally away from Kody as he treated her “badly.” Several other fans gushed their happiness in the comments.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Is Tracing Her Way Towards Separation!

Meri shared her moving plan with Kody and Robyn during last week’s episode of Sister Wives. She shared that she is willing to move her clothing business to Utah, where she has her B&B. Kody Brown looked confused about her decision to move away from her Flagstaff home.

His first wife became frustrated with his behavior. During a confessional, she accepted that she would find a small house in Flagstaff and live there. Then, a change in her tone was observed when she talked about her then-husband’s living conditions.


The mom of one then tensely said some people have two homes. Meri continued, “Oh, guess what, so do polygamist men. They have multiple homes, and they live in both of them. Usually.” She is willing to move her business to Utah and continue having a home in Flagstaff.

What do you think of Meri’s decision? Do you adore her for taking her own stand? Sound off in the comments.

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