Sister Wives: Meri & Kody Brown’s Lies Exposed!

Sister Wives star Meri was the first and the only one to be legally married to Kody until Robyn came along. They had been having troubles in their paradise since the day Kody divorced his first wife to make Robyn his legal wife. Since then, Meri became a backseat passenger in the plural marriage

This seems to have changed in the latest episode of the show when Meri alleged that Kody refused to announce their split. He claimed he feared backlash from the audience. Was it so? Or did they feed lies to the viewers just to gain TLC money?

Sister Wives: Did Meri And Kody Brown Feed Lies To The Audience?

Meri and Kody stayed in a loveless marriage for the longest time. The former has finally addressed the truth about their failed marriage in Sister Wives season 18. Considering Kody’s perspective, their relationship suffered a setback after the catfishing incident almost seven years ago.

However, the Sister Wives couple revisited it again a few years later. But Meri believes that their relationship went down a dark road when he asked her for divorce for the sake of Robyn’s children. The Brown family patriarch finally told Meri in the latest episode that he was done.

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Everyone but Meri knew that their marriage was over for years. Sister Wives’ audience now suspects Meri and Kody of faking their storyline for TLC money. This conversation later made it to Reddit, where an OP said that the former couple lied.

They went on to explain that Kody was completely done with Meri after her catfishing incident. The Redditor felt that she was left with nothing but divorce. This would have led to asset division, which would break their family, ultimately resulting in them losing the show.

Various other internet users agreed with this in the comment section of this Reddit thread. One of the Redditors claimed that no one showed the mirror to Meri, stating she was clueless.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Is Not Holding Back!

Meri Brown spilled the truth about her relationship status in last week’s episode of Sister Wives. The network uploaded a clip of the same on Instagram. While talking to the cameras, she admitted that she and Kody said ‘I Do’ with the intention of ‘forever.’

Meri then went on to express her sadness as he did not care anymore and told her, “Well, I’m just not interested… you can stick around if you want.” The TLC starlet then stated she would not be with someone who does not have feelings for her.

Later in the clip, Meri mouthed her fear that Kody and Robyn might not let her continue to share a good bond with their kids. She went on to spill at the end of the clip that her ex was not willing to announce their separation.

Kody said that he does not want to face more backlash from the audience. This was the time when Meri confessed that she would not keep her relationship status a secret for the rest of her life. She then announced that it was her story, too, and “I have the right to tell my story.”

What do you think of Meri’s decision to tell viewers the truth about her relationship status? Do you also suspect her and Kody of lying? Write in the comments.

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