Sister Wives: Leon Brown Looks So Happy In Wedding Photos

Sister Wives castmates have had an incredible journey in over ten years. Apart from the main stars, i.e., Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, their kids also feature on the show. Viewers had often seen Meri Brown’s child on the show when they were dealing with their sexuality and accepting themselves.

At last, Leon took to Instagram to reveal last year that they identified as nonbinary and began using they/them pronouns. Meri always makes sure to let fans know she is a proud LGBTQIA+ ally and accepts her child. But Kody failed to do so, and Leon and he reportedly had a falling out. But the latest pictures reveal that Leon has been doing well since this devastating blow.

Sister Wives: Leon Grins In A Rare Pic With Friends At A Wedding

Leon from Sister Wives has had a tough journey. Since they made their debut on the show, they had emphasized knowing early on they were different from the rest. At first, they came out as lesbian to the family and also introduced their partner, Audrey Kriss, on the show.

Then, several years later, Leon had another major announcement. They reintroduced themselves as non-binary and trans. Leon also revealed how tough their journey had been. While a lot of fans gave them love, including many family members like Meri and Gwen, Kody wasn’t one of them.

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Some reports revealed that the patriarch couldn’t grasp what was going on and called the whole thing disgusting. Needless to say, there were reports about Leon and Kody’s falling out.

Sister Wives

Since Leon’s transition, their father had been lowkey about their life on social media, But they have started to post frequently these days. Apparently, Leon and their partner, Audrey, attended their friend, Ocean Candler Lunsford’s wedding.

Sister Wives fans were pleased to see how happy Leon looked to be surrounded by their dear ones. Some speculated it must be after cutting ties with Kody. In any case, Leon rocked a black formal shirt with a blue blazer, and viewers complimented them a lot for their style.

Sister Wives: Leon Got Secretly Married, Invited No One From The Family?

As mentioned before, Leon started prioritizing their private life ever since they came out publically. Sister Wives fans would see them post once in a blue moon on their social media. They perhaps figured it’s better for their mental peace and avoid trolling.

Another piece of news about Leon shocked the fans. They tied the knot with their longtime partner of many years, Audrey Kriss. In August, fans found out that Leon and Audrey had already tied the knot. It happened a year ago, on October 29, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sister Wives

Most probably, it was a self-solemnized ceremony as there was no mention of a minister, judge, or an officiant in their marriage certificate. Apparently, the ceremony was so private that none of Leon’s family members were present, not even Meri.

As Kody doesn’t already have a good bond with his and Meri’s child, he didn’t attend. Chances are that Leon cut themselves off from Kody and the rest of the family since this incident.

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