Sister Wives: Kody Suggests He Got FORCED Into Polygamy, By Who?

Kody Brown had a polygamous relationship for decades with his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. The entire Sister Wives family faced a massive shift in their lives in the past few years. Christine took the bold step of moving out of their arrangement after 25 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Janelle has been struggling to decide if she wants to stay in the marriage during Season 18. Meri and Kody already had an estranged life for the past few years. Hence, the polygamist has only his last remaining wife, Robyn Brown, by his side in the latest season.

Fans have been blaming the patriarch for his narcissistic behavior for the family breakup. Now, Kody has claimed that he was forced into the idea of polygamous marriage. Is that true?

Sister Wives: Kody Admits He Didn’t Think About The Consequences Before Starting Polygamy!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was always a proud polygamist. However, the real troubles began in his life when Christine walked out in 2021. Ever since then, he has been trying to navigate through the changes. Now, it appears that he was forced into the idea of plural marriages.

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Recently, Kody claimed that he was forced into the polygamist ideology without really considering if it was the best fit for him. He was discussing his failed marriages with a friend, Brian, in the latest episode. He stated, “I’ve spent most of my life as this polygamist trying to constantly fit square pegs into round holes.”

Sister Wives

He went on to admit that he forced things to fit rather than asking himself if this was going to fit him. Kody finally concluded his experience through the years, “A square peg is not a good idea to pound into a round hole.”

He also noted that he didn’t feel like a polygamist anymore since the family breakup. Also, the Sister Wives patriarch reflected on his relationship with his three wives since Christine’s departure. Kody admitted that he hadn’t been to Janelle’s house in the past 10 months. Further, he had no idea about what was going on with Meri’s life. He only got Robyn by his side to spend their lives together.

Sister Wives: Kody Feels Like A Failure After Family Fallout!

The entire Brown family is trying to deal with the life changes after the family fallout on Sister Wives. Recently, Kody Brown reflected on his feelings about the changed dynamics with everyone. He wondered if he was expecting too much with his idea of being one family.

He went on to state that the family could have been more successful if all the kids lived as cousins together. Kody remembered the family commitment celebration, where all the members wrote about their mission statement. But things didn’t go as planned after Robyn entered into the family.

He admitted that everything that happened to the family was very sad for him. Kody couldn’t gather the courage to visit the church since the family’s disintegration.

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