Sister Wives: Kody Slammed For Unfair Behavior Against Ysabel Over Aurora!

Sister Wives fans have often slammed Kody Brown for being partial among his 18 kids. There have been several instances when viewers felt that he was giving preference to his family with Robyn. Apparently, the last few seasons even featured him forgetting the birthdays of his sons while he even skipped many important events of them. Amid all this, fans were in shock when they learned that Kody actually attended the piercing of Aurora while he decided to skipped Ysabel’s surgery! Is this true? Why would Kody do this to his own daughter?

Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Kody For Attending Aurora’s Piercing After Ditching Ysabel

Kody Brown from Sister Wives has 18 children, but fans have accused him of prioritizing his family with Robyn more. Apparently, during the entire Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to live with his fourth wife and spent time with them. The celeb even decided to skip Ysabel’s surgery and denied traveling from Arizona to New Jersey just because of the pandemic. To date, fans haven’t forgotten this incident, and Kody often receives backlash for the same. This issue further came into the limelight because of the recent episode.


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Apparently, the recent episode featured Kody having a wholesome moment with Aurora. He decided to accompany his daughter to get a piercing. They had a perfect father-daughter moment together, and it was evident that they were enjoying each other’s company. Though Sister Wives fans loved this cute union, they were instantly reminded of the time Kody refused to attend Ysabel’s major surgery. Many viewers took to Twitter and wondered what the patriarch was up to and slammed him for his partiality and hypocrisy!

A user wrote, “I don’t blame his children for not having anything to do with him.” Someone further explained that it is really heartbreaking to know that Ysabel doesn’t even have a beautiful memory of Kody being with her during his tough times and painful surgery.

Sister Wives: Kody Attented His Friend’s Wedding But Not Ysabel’s Surgery!

Fans were in disbelief when they saw Kody skipping his daughter’s surgery but decided to attend Brian’s wedding. Apparently, after he simply omitted Ysabel’s big day from his calendar, he didn’t forget being a part of his friend’s wedding. This was a literal heartbreak for Christine’s daughter, and she admitted the same on the cameras. She revealed that Ysabel says, “How can he justify officiating Brian’s wedding when he wouldn’t even come to my surgery?.” Moreover, the Sister Wives matrairch claimed that this incident was the last strand that made her walk out of her marriage.

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As per Christine, she was done with being with Kody the day he broke her daughter’s heart. But on the other hand, Kody was quick to defend himself. When he was accused of being partial and ignorant, he decided to explain his perspective to the viewers. As per the patriarch, Ysabel’s surgery was for six weeks, while his friend’s wedding was just for four days. So, considering the pandemic situation, he decided to choose the latter one. But it seems that fans are still not buying his excuse and aren’t able to forgive him as well. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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