Sister Wives: Kody Says The Show Ruined His Life, Blames TLC For Divorces?

Kody Brown is trying to change but still keeps landing himself in trouble. Despite three of his wives calling their plural marriage off, the Sister Wives star is not willing to take the blame himself. Instead, he is coming up with multiple reasons to justify how his divorces weren’t his fault. Lately, fans were shocked when he made another alarming statement. As per Kody, it’s the network that was responsible for making his spouse end things with him! So, what did he say exactly, and how did his family react to it?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Slams TLC For Uprooting His Plural Family

Sister Wives castmate Kody Brown is back with his stubborn attitude on Sister Wives. After Christine’s departure in the last season, Janelle and Meri took the same step. The current season has been exploring that. Fans are aware that it has been the polygamist’s bias towards Robyn that caused such a thing. Even Christine admitted that her ex has favorites. However, he was quick to defend this statement. As per Kody Brown, the family’s decision to “go public” messed up his marriage.


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Sister Wives

By the words “going public,” Kody meant the family’s collective decision to start filming for Sister Wives. Well, he explained his wives made this decision before Robyn became a part of the family. So, as per him, she isn’t to be blamed for the separations. Fans found it odd that he was now blaming TLC for his divorces. Well Christine’s son Paedon also shared his views regarding this. He mentioned the whole point of his family starring in the show was to prove that polygamy can work. However, looking at the current condition, it is quite obvious things weren’t working for them.

Things between the family have grown so strained that they celebrate Thanksgiving separately in the new episode. It was a big blow to Meri, who mentioned it had never happened with the Browns before. But she ended up joining Kody, Robyn, and their kids while mentioning she was happy to be there.

Sister Wives: Kody Wants Grief Counseling After Messing Up His Marriages! Christine Refuses To Help

While Kody has not openly admitted to being at fault, he is slowly trying to move on. The latest Sister Wives season featured him having lunch with his ex, Christine. That’s when he mentioned the idea of seeking a “break up” counseling of some sort. But, she laughed and said these things don’t exist. So, Kody soon demanded a “grief counseling” session, hoping his former wife would support him. While Christine smiled politely, she opened up about this during her confessional.

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Christine mentioned how she tried her best to be a good spouse to Kody. But she wasn’t married to him anymore and felt glad about it. Hence, she didn’t want to keep doing things for him as she didn’t owe it to her ex anymore. Christine is no longer indebted to Kody Brown. There was also a moment where Kody mentioned he hated his ex and wanted to move on. This statement was also quite shocking for her as she mentioned she doesn’t even think about him as much as he thought she did. Keep track of all the latest Sister Wives updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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