Sister Wives: Kody Is Getting Replaced As A “Grandpa” By David Woolley

Kody Brown has created havoc in the Sister Wives fanbase since the new season began. Fans are getting the memo pretty clearly about why Christine, then Janelle, and at last, Meri decided to part ways with him. His tendency to always blame others and only prioritize Robyn is getting on everyone’s nerves now.

Meanwhile, reports said that Kody was infuriated with Christine’s new relationship. He also disapproved of how her partner, David Woolley, was growing close to her kids. Lately, Mykelti encouraged her kids to call him grandpa, and fans are wondering how the notorious cast member feels about this. Has the worry about getting replaced engulfed him?

Sister Wives: Kody Fearing Replacement As David Becomes The New “Grandpa”?

It has been a decade since Sister Wives took over TV. Fans have seen many sides of Kody, all of them worse than the last. They are convinced he is quite the narcissist, hellbent on always shifting the blame on his wives. Long story short, Christine, Janelle, and Meri left him for that very reason. Even after more than 2 years since their divorce, Kody is still bitter about his third wife moving on.

Lately, Christine’s eldest daughter, Mykelti, made a video thanking her mom and her new husband, David Woolley. She very endearingly referred to him as “grandpa” as her daughter Avalon loved the expensive toy car he gave her. Since then, the Sister Wives fanbase has been wondering how Kody has been feeling about this new change.

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There were reports earlier when Christine had just begun dating David. Kody had allegedly said he felt uncomfortable as his ex let her new partner mingle with her grandkids. He also found it inappropriate after finding out Truely was living with Christine and David. Hence, fans have concluded that Kody must have lost it after finding out his favorite daughter, Mykelti, was also welcoming Woolley into the family with no hesitation.

However, Kody has not yet commented on how he felt about the shifting dynamics. But fans remember how he stated that Christine would never be happy after leaving the plural family. Now that things are polar opposite, with her thriving and flourishing in her new marriage, it must have been a devastating blow for Kody.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Reacted To Christine’s Wedding! What Did He Say?

Christine Brown had openly said many times that Janelle is the only family member she has remained close to since her divorce. Hence, other Sister Wives castmates, Kody, Robyn, and Meri, have been out of the picture. But after the news of her wedding to David Woolley took over the internet, fans wanted to know the polygamist’s reaction to the same.

Kody mentioned in an interview that it was rather “brave” of Christine to “move out” of their relationship. Then, he very honestly admitted not “witnessing much of it.” That’s because he and Christine don’t “associate anymore” at all. It was quite a shock for fans that Kody, after all, finally acknowledged his ex’s new married life.

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