Sister Wives: Kody Brown Spotted Holding A Handgun At A Gun Show [See Photo]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown never had a decent permanent job. He relied on the TLC cheque to raise a family of 18 kids. However, the celeb has a private gun business, which he runs with his best friends. The network decided not to cover this segment of his life because of the controversial aspect.

Amid all this, recently, fans were surprised when a picture of Kody holding a gun started to surface on the internet. He was captured as he had a gun and posed for the photo. What is the celeb up to now?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Was Holding A Handgun In New Controversial Picture

The show Sister Wives never threw light on Kody and his gun business. They mainly focused on the family dynamics of four wives and eighteen kids. But viewers learned about the celeb’s secret source of income when they spotted him at a gun fair in Tulsa. Kody has been in this field for a while now and has partnered with his besties, Brian and Nathan.

Recently, a picture started to surface on the internet from one of the gun shows that Kody was a part of. He wore a black hoodie while he had a handgun with him. Someone clicked the snap while the celeb was trying to conceal the weapon with his hands. Fans were in shock to watch Kody flaunting his gun and then quickly trying to hide it as well.

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Amid all this, a famous blogger, Katie Joy, made some shocking revelations about Kody’s business. As per her, the latter’s dealings are all illegal. She stated that usually, it requires an “FFL registered” license even to hold guns at such shows. So, there is a fair chance that Kody didn’t have permission and was trying to hide the weapon because of the same.

The source further explained that such shows are really “dangerous.” This is because it could, at times, place guns and weapons in the hands of people who may not initially “qualify” for such things through a “legitimate vendor.” Apparently, that is why Sister Wives fans felt that as Kody is a celebrity, he shouldn’t be the one holding a gun and posing in front of the camera.

Sister Wives: Will Kody Have To Face Prison Trouble Because Of His Illegal Business?

Recently, the noted source claimed that Sister Wives star Kody Brown is basically a part of an illegal business. She revealed that lately, all the laws concerned with the possession and selling of guns have wholly changed. Initially, there wasn’t any kind of regulation regarding the sale and purchase of “kits.”

But now, a person who is in a gun business mandatorily requires an ATF FFL license. This is accompanied by “background checks” as well. Moreover, “In 2022, a gun reform law was passed into law.” This change basically ended the sale of “ghost guns,” which Kody was a part of.

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So, now it seems that all these new laws and reforms have “iced out” Kody’s business completely. Amid all this, several reports have claimed that he allegedly doesn’t even have a license till now. So, there is a fair chance that if the celeb is caught, he can end up getting into some serious prison troubles.

Several users agreed to the same and took to the comment section. A fan wrote, “I am positive Kody is probably dealing in illegal activity.” Another one added, “Ugh! Not surprising, though.” Someone further wondered, “Why won’t Kody just get licensed?.”

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