Sister Wives: Kody Brown Shades Robyn & Blames “Fame” Of Their Family Breakup! [Details]

The new season of Sister Wives is showcasing the trouble in Kody’s paradise. Christine already called it quits with her husband. Now, Season 18 has taken off exactly from where they left off previously. However, things between Kody and Christine are more twisted than ever. The latest episode of the franchise highlighted the conflict between the bitter meetup between Kody and his ex-wife. Moreover, the family had a major blowout during the Thanksgiving holidays. While others accuse Robyn of the family breakup, the polygamist blamed “fame” for all the conflicts. Is he right? 

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opens Up About The Actual Reason For The Family Fallout!

Kody Brown is still processing how things took a strange step. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, he and Christine went for an incredibly awkward meeting. He asked his former wife to join a breakup counseling session. Kody expressed having anger issues in front of her and just wanted it to go away. However, the mom-of-six laughed at her ex, saying that he should rather go for a grief counseling session.


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Things heated up when the patriarch accused her of turning the kids against him. But Christine gently reminded Kody that she was the sounding board of the children, and they discussed the hard things with her. But the polygamous husband revealed he thought she was Machiavellian as she played nice while “stabbing him in the back.” Finally, Christine expressed her joy for not being married to him.

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Later, Kody revealed that for him, Robyn wasn’t the reason for the family breakup. Instead, he believes that their decision to go public was the actual cause, and they made it even before they met Robyn. He was talking about signing a deal with TLC to showcase their life on TV. Further, Kody’s son Paedon revealed his thoughts on his parent’s divorce and going public. He claimed that the purpose of going public was to prove that polygamy can work. But Paedon believes that it doesn’t work in his family’s case. Also, he added that Christine and Janelle’s kids had already chosen a side, and they had chosen their moms. 

Sister Wives: Robyn Thinks The Family Treated Her & Her Kids As Outsiders!

Robyn and Kody receive a lot of negativity from the Sister Wives fans for their toxic behavior. All the other wives accused the latter of having a favorite wife and not treating everyone equally. Christine recently opened up that she walked out because he had favorites. Kody and his three wives wanted to celebrate a gift exchange event during Christmas

. However, Robyn pressed on to do so over Zoom as all the kids were scattered around. But Janelle and Christine claimed that the kids weren’t able to find a time that would work for all.

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Seemingly, Robyn got offended and claimed that it just turned into a whole big squabble between her kids and the rest of the other kids. However, Kody wanted to be away from all this, and he chose not to pick sides. Further, his only remaining wife explained that it was another example of their family versus Robyn’s family. Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers for more tea about the never-ending drama of the Brown family on Sister Wives.

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