‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Paid Gwendlyn To Be Quiet?

Sister Wives fans have recently been asking some questions about whether or not Kody Brown has paid some of his children for their silence. More specifically, did he pay Gwendlyn Brown to be quiet? Keep reading to see what fans are saying.

What Motives Did Kody Brown Have In Giving Gwen Money?

Reddit user asked other Sister Wives fans about their opinions on Kody giving his daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, money. While this seems like something a parent would do regularly, it is known that Kody Brown doesn’t provide financial support in this way.

The Redditor started the post writing, “I know there’s a lot going back and forth about Gwen. I’ve never been a huge fan, but the timing of this is pretty obvious.”

Gwendlyn Brown reacts to 'Sister Wives' - YouTube, Gwendlyn Brown

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They went on to talk about how Gwendlyn had a number of clear memories of her childhood that didn’t make Kody look good. Not long ago, she talked about how Kody Brown had given her some money.

To the OP, the timing seemed “crystal clear.” Kody had given his daughter hush money to stop dragging him on the internet.

However, the user wanted to clarify that they don’t really have a strong opinion of Gwendlyn. They believe she had a difficult childhood and has a lot of “stuff to work through.” The person went on to say that everyone should encourage her to work through those problems in private and not subscribe to her Patreon.

Sister Wives Fans Disagree That Kody Was Bribing Gwendlyn Brown

Many people agree that the way the Sister Wives patriarch handles his finances in relation to his children is generally awful.

One Redditor wrote, “If he wasn’t total trash, Kody would have put money in trust for all of the kids to compensate them for their time on the show. It seems that he is now selectively handing out money to suit his narcissistic purposes.”

Another person pointed out that Gwendlyn previously said that all of the kids asked Kody for money because he was more likely to help them out than one of the mothers.

Kody Brown - YouTube, TLC

A number of people pointed out that Kody Brown is her dad, so giving her money isn’t something out of the ordinary. Also, some people think that each of the Brown children is entitled to compensation for the portion of their lives that was exploited on television.

Several Sister Wives fans mentioned some similarities between Kody and Jim Bob Duggar, who has also been in hot water for not paying his children for the time they were on TV. When money is given, it seems like it is in order to gain some kind of loyalty.

The poster explained “It’s human nature to feel closer to someone after you think they have gone out of their way for you. Even if it’s just how a parent should act,” the person wrote.

They also pointed out that Gwendlyn has always been looking for favor from both Christine and Kody Brown, something she never felt she had.

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