Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Emotionally Affect By The Hate He’s Receiving

Kody Brown has been a part of the Sister Wives series since the beginning. He took the decision to showcase his polygamous life to make people aware of plural marriages. Initially, fans found it interesting to watch.

However, Kody slowly started losing all respect in front of his followers. The audience started empathizing more with his wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri. His “favoritism” for Robyn started getting visible in front of everyone, including his wives.

Soon, the family began breaking down, and everyone opposed him. The dad-of-eighteen has been receiving so much hatred from fans ever since the premiere of Season 18. Finally, Kody opened up about his feeling of getting so much criticism from the audience. Here’s what he said!

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Reveals How He Feels After Getting So Much Criticism!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown rose to fame for his large polygamous family. He displayed his plural marriage on screens. However, the show started showing the disadvantages of the widely unknown concept.

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The new season of the show is getting very hard for the patriarch personally. Recently, Kody spoke to UsWeekly about the family dynamics and the hate he gets from his fans. Seemingly, his exes have the full support of the audience against him in all the drama.

Kody said that it affected him “differently” than it affected the viewers. He went ahead to explain that because he has somebody trashing his reputation, he’s going, “Holy cow. I can’t believe that’s happening.” Brown has been quite angry about the way fans treat him.

Sister Wives

Kody revealed that the public was just saying that they always thought this about “him.” Also, he highlighted that it was not easy to get used to this type of criticism coming his way every day. However, he had to remind himself every day that their opinion was none of his business.

Further, the Brown family patriarch, Kody, expressed how much he was suffering from real emotions off-screen. The dad-of-eighteen also revealed that his relationship with Robyn is also facing a death along with the death of their big family picture.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Calls His Exes And Older Kids “Jerks!”

Viewers of the Sister Wives series have seen the worst side of Kody Brown in the new season. Interestingly, all his exes, including their children, are accusing Robyn of being the homewrecker. But Kody Brown won’t let anyone point their fingers at his favorite wife.

Recently, Janelle and Christine met and discussed how Robyn faked her tears for wanting a plural family. Meanwhile, Gabe and Garrison discussed how their stepmom tried turning their dad towards them in COVID-19. However, Kody jumped in to express that his last remaining wife didn’t make any rules.

Also, Kody said all of them were just kind of “jerks.” He didn’t want to be around them, and he was “tired” of it. The star went ahead to make it clear that he was no longer interested in talking to them or calling them.

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