Sister Wives: Kody Brown Calls His Children “Jerks” & “Trash” For Being Against Robyn!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is struggling to save the family from breaking apart. He has been in an estranged relationship with his older kids for a long time. The feud between Janelle’s sons Gabe and Garrison started during the COVID-19 pandemic with their dad. Kody wanted his sons to stop socializing during the pandemic and accused them of spreading the virus.


However, things only escalated after that they became estranged. The new season of the show is showcasing all the drama between Kody and his older kids. Previously, Janelle’s kids called out Robyn for creating the distance between them. Now it appears that Kody Brown is calling everyone “jerks” to save his favorite wife from all the accusations. 


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Called His Estranged Kids “Jerks” For Poor Treatment With Robyn!

Kody Brown‘s large family is breaking down into small pieces. Christine has already made her way out of the Brown family. However, she still keeps in touch with her best friend Janelle and her kids. Recently, the two besties met along with their children. The estranged Sister Wives family from Kody Brown tend to share their hurt feeling after the disastrous holiday break.

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Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown pointed out the way Robyn and her kids highlighted their trauma. She explained how her kids said, “Where’s the trauma coming from? Because Dad prefers them.” She expressed that Robyn faked crying about trying to be a part of the family, but she wasn’t accepted.

Sister Wives

Meanwhile, Kody tried saving his fourth wife, stating that she didn’t make any of the COVID rules and took all the blame. However, Janelle’s sons Gabe and Garrison called the Sister Wives star the heart of the problem. The former stated, “She was gaslighting everyone into treating her with special treatment.” Further, Garrison added how she used their dad and turned into a victim.

Gabe went on to claim that they don’t need their dad anymore. However, Christine disagreed and said that every child needs a dad. However, Kody appears to look frustrated with all his older kids. He stated, “All of you are just kind of jerks. I don’t want to be around you and I’m tired of it,” He confessed to the cameras that he didn’t want to call them or talk to them.

Sister Wives: Kody Accused Christine Of Feeding The Flames!

Kody Brown has not yet stopped getting angry over Christine Brown. He has been accusing his third wife of the family fallout since the start. The Sister Wives celeb thinks that she forced her best friend Janelle to turn her back on him. Now, it appears that he is accusing her of turning his older kids against him.

Kody stated that it was Christine who was feeding the flames behind him. The patriarch claimed that the mom-of-six insisted on Kody marrying her. Also, it doesn’t hurt anymore to him if she leaves him. Furthermore, the Sister Wives star requested Christine to stop turning his kids against him by trash-talking.


Sister Wives



He added, “Every s**t talk, every trash talk, every opinion is absolutely reciprocated.”

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