Sister Wives: Kody Blames Christine For Not Letting Him Reconcile With Janelle

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has got the attention of viewers for all the wrong reasons. They know that the patriarch doesn’t like taking any blame on himself. He has a habit of blaming everyone but himself for all the wrong things in his life. The patriarch has a lot of complaints about his ex-wife, Christine Brown.

Kody had been accusing Christine of the family fallout since their split. Now, the dad of eighteen is about to leave his second wife as well in Season 18. However, it appears that Kody is ready to put all the blame on Christine again. Also, he thinks he could have won Janelle back if Christine didn’t brainwash her. Why was he saying so?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Thinks Christine Plays A Major Role In His Split With Janelle!

Christine and Kody are not the two peas in a pod these days. They lost all the love and affection towards each other a long time ago. Now, the Sister Wives stars are targeting each other about all the wrong things in their lives.

Well, Kody Brown has some weird complaints with Christine. Recently, he blamed the celeb for the difference between himself and Janelle. As per People, the patriarch recently opened up about his relationship dynamics with the four wives.

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However, Kody was hopeless while talking about Janelle. He revealed that his second wife didn’t want to reconcile. He went on to reveal that they hang out together once in a while and call each other often. Also, the dad of eighteen thinks that they could still reconcile.

However, Kody expressed his worries about Christine’s influence on Janelle’s life. He thinks that his former wife had a lot of influence on his second wife and called it pathetic. However, he feared telling all this to Janelle.

Kody believed that sharing it with Janelle meant Christine and their kids would also find out about it. Further, the reality TV celeb asked why his fourth wife couldn’t be married to him. He claimed that she was married to him when he was a plural husband to Christine, Meri, and Robyn.

Sister Wives: Janelle Is Finally Done Being “Friend With Benefits” WIth Kody!

Janelle and Kody Brown are butting heads to save their marriage in Season 18. Recently, the former celebrated a happy day with her polygamist husband. However, it appeared that she was still not ready to reconcile with him.

Recently, she revealed that she needed a different kind of relationship with the patriarch. Also, she felt as if they had been in a “friends with benefits” kind of relationship during the years. But now, she would only get back into the plural marriage with him only if he changed.

However, Janelle thinks that her husband has become a monogamist now. She went on to add, “I think maybe he did it a while ago and was just trying to maintain his responsibilities with his plural family.”

But now, Janelle didn’t care about him and claimed that he could only be with Robyn.

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