Sister Wives: Janelle Reveals Garrison’s New UNRECOGNIZABLE Look!

Janelle Brown loves spending time with her children. She often travels to visit her kids spread across the country. Sister Wives fans recently got to know that the mother of six still lives in Flagstaff after her separation from Kody Brown.

Previously, the star went to North Carolina to visit her eldest daughter, Madison Brown. Janelle spent some wonderful moments and traveled back for Christmas. The reality TV celeb has been planning to spend Christmas cooking for her kids and their friends.

Recently, Janelle shared a picture from their Thanksgiving Dinner. However, fans couldn’t recognize Garrison after a huge change in her looks. Also, she revealed what exactly happened with her son’s appearance.

Sister Wives: Janelle Shares The Drastic Change In Garrison’s Appearance On Social Media

Janelle Brown adores all her children and loves spending time with them. However, she had a very different equation with Gabe and Garrison. The boys came into the limelight for their estranged relationship with Kody Brown. But Sister Wives star Janelle has always supported her boys rather than her husband.

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Recently, Janelle shared some special moments of her Thanksgiving celebration with the children. She posted the snap of the dinner table as her sons, along with their friends, enjoyed their meal on the special day. However, fans couldn’t believe their eyes after spotting Garrison’s new look.

In the picture, the reality TV star appeared with a bald head. Janelle decided to share the full story of her son’s new look in the caption. She wrote, “Thanksgiving dinner for my Flagstaff tribe with the bonus of Gabe’s roommates.”

Also, she confirmed that Garrison was sitting on the left before Sister Wives followers asked her. She informed the audience that her son shaved his hair a week or so ago, and it has started growing back. Well, Janelle already knew that Sister Wives fans wouldn’t be able to recognize him easily.

So, Janelle decided to make it clear. She was also delighted to cook for the group. The reality TV celeb stated, “I watched the Macy’s parade, cooked, baked, and just hung out today.” She went on to inform her audience that all of them went back, and she was relaxing with her daughter, Savannah.

Sister Wives: Janelle Shares Latest Update Of Kody’s Relationship With Gabe & Garrison!

Sister Wives fans might already know about Kody’s relationship with his sons Gabe and Garrison. They have been estranged for years due to the way Kody treated them. Recently, a teaser was released for the upcoming Tell-All Special.

In it, Janelle revealed that her ex’s relationship with the boys hasn’t improved. She stated, “There’s still not a lot of improvement” between Kody and her sons. The mother-of-six also noted that neither of the two parties made an effort to reconcile.

Sister Wives

However, Janelle believes that time is a healer and things will settle down in the future. The reality TV celeb is quite hopeful that the children will mend their bond with their father despite their issues.

Do you think Kody would make any effort to get back with his sons? Comment down your thoughts with us if you agree.

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