Sister Wives: Janelle Exposes Kody For Breaking A Major Polygamy Rule For Years!

Kody Brown has created a strong aura in the world of polygamy. He initially came into the limelight because of his lifestyle, which was featured in Sister Wives. The celeb had four wives and eighteen children, which made his storyline really interesting and dramatic.

But amid all this, viewers weren’t expecting that Kody would end up making a huge mistake in his marriage. Recently, Janelle threw some light on the matter and revealed that her estranged husband actually has been breaking a major polygamy rule for years now! What did Kody do? What was the rule?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Reveals How Kody Broke A Major Polygamy Rule For Years

The dynamics of the Sister Wives have completely changed now. Kody is no longer in a polygamous marriage and lives with his only wife, Robyn Brown. But after three consecutive, his ex-wives are now spilling the tea regarding him on national television.

Apparently, during the initial days of the show, the Brown family explained some basic rules of plural marriage that they tend to follow. This included keeping “separate” all four weddings and not bringing issues with one wife to another.

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But it seems that Kody wasn’t able to abide by this rule and continued breaking it for years. Janelle revealed the most recent incident. She explained that Kody used to talk to her about his struggles with Christine.

Sister Wives

The Sister Wives celeb further claimed that her estranged husband confessed to not being “attracted” to his third wife “for years.” As per Janelle, Kody shouldn’t pretend to be ignorant as he was the one who confessed the issues he had with Christine to her.

Fans were in shock to learn that Kody was actually breaking a major rule of polygamy! Moreover, that isn’t the first time he did. Apparently, fans feel that Kody shares anything and everything with Robyn. So, it is evident that he might have discussed his other wives with her as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Discussed Meri With Christine! Another Instance is When He Broke The Rule

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has discussed his wives with each other several times. There have been numerous instances when fans caught him doing the same. One such example was when the patriarch ended up talking about Meri to Christine.

Recently, Kody revealed that he was considering reconciling romanticly with the lone wolf. But didn’t move ahead with his plan because Christine ended up freaking out with the idea. Fans were in disbelief that the latter was aware of Kody’s plans regarding his first wife!

Sister Wives

Apparently, Kody might have discussed his intentions regarding Meri to Christine. But if he wouldn’t have done that, he would have at least saved his first marriage. Fans feel that if the celeb’s third wife weren’t aware of his plans of reconciling with Meri, she wouldn’t have been able to intrude.

Hence, viewers believe that breaking this rule of polygamy could be a potential reason why Kody ended up having three consecutive divorces in a row!

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