‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Shocks Christine To Her Core

Sister Wives Season 18 reveals to TLC fans that Janelle Brown seems unsure about life after Kody brown. In a preview for the upcoming episode, Christine Brown had a conversation with her friend and she was left shocked to the core.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Left Kody  Forever?

After rejoicing because Kody’s second wife gave him the flip, fans became worried that she might get back with him. In fact, they gave her a hard time for going on her birthday date with him. After all, he disrespected her kids terribly over Christmas. Additionally, she’d previously talked about not getting divorced because of her faith. That raised eyebrows from Christine.

Janelle Brown seems to be non-committal about looking for a man. However, that might change. If she and Kody do not reconcile – heaven forbid – then perhaps she will try dating as Christine did. After all, things worked out well for her with David Woolley. Mind you, she told her friend that she wasn’t ready to “mingle” just yet. Now, in a new teaser for Sister Wives, they continued discussing relationships.


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Janelle Brown Shocks Christine

In a teaser for Sunday’s episode, TLC revealed on Instagram that Christine and her friend chatted about marriage. They sat there enjoying a beverage, and the expression on the face of Kody”s former third wife looked dismayed. In the video, TLC fans heard Kody’s former second wife talk about “independence” again. Actually, it’s not the first time that she mentioned the word.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Shocks Christine To Her Core - TLC Instagram
Christine Brown is dismayed by Janelle brown – Sister Wives – TLC Instagram

TLC Fans React

Janelle Brown also talked about finding a soul mate, and Christine disagreed. In her confessional, she said that if she “found [her] soul mate,” the amount of “pain” for the other wives would be tremendous. So, she’d “never” do that. Mind you on the upside, the two women did finally agree that Kody has chosen “monogamy.”

One viewer said in the comments, “Janelle you deserve to experience and know how it feels to be loved by one man who you can do and see things as a loving couple but still be independent ❤️.”

Meanwhile, another one wrote, “Sadly, I don’t think Janelle realizes she IS worthy of attention and love. Thinking Kody is the only man that [cares]. Happiness happens AFTER Kody.”

Are you surprised to see that Christine Brown is blown away by Janelle Brown who considers another plural marriage after Kody Brown? Are you shocked, or did you get the feeling that she was leaning that way?

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