‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Has Fetish For Meri’s Men?

In the past, people speculated on how complex relationships are in polygamy, and now, TLC fans speculate that Sister Wives star Janelle Brown might have a fetish for Meri’s men. On social media, it seems that the various relationships blow the minds of viewers.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown & Complexities Of Kody

TLC fans wondered in the past, if Maddie Brown Brush might be related to Caleb. In fact, some people suspected that Evie-K’s FATCO Syndrome might have been because of intermarriage. Well, it turns out that Caleb’s sister, Erica Brush married Kody’s Brother. Anyway, Maddie recently told fans that doctors proved no genetic issues with her daughter. However, Maddie’s mother has a much more complex situation.

Janelle Brown married Kody in 1993 after she ended her marriage to Adam Barber, Meri’s brother. He passed away recently, and he and Janelle had no children. More complex, is the fact that Janelle’s mom married Kody’s dad, so she and her now-estranged spiritual husband were step-siblings. In Season 18 of Sister Wives, TLC fans heard that Kody’s former second wife will consider remarrying. If she has a fetish for Meri’s men might she end up in another polygamous relationship with Meri if Meri remarries?


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Sister Wives Janelle Brown, Christine, And Robyn

On Reddit, an OP speculated this week about Meri’s men and a fetish. Of course, that also led to a discussion about the relationships with the other wives. In fact, Kody is related to Robyn’s ex, which means he is related to his own adopted children. As far as anyone knows, however, it seems that Meri might be the only wife not related to Kody. While the post about a fetish was light-hearted, the discussion became interesting.

Sister Wives – Meri Bown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown  – TLC YouTube

The poster wrote, “Does anyone else think that it’s funny that (due to marrying them) Janelle [Brown] has exclusively slept with 1. Meri’s brother, then moved on to 2. Meri’s husband?? If Meri gets a new husband in the future, will Janelle try to marry him as well?” Of course, fans hope the two ex-wives of Kody don’t end up with the same man again. However, relationships seem to be very fluid in the polygamous culture. After all, Christine once said that it is fine to marry your sister’s husband.

Not A Fetish?

Are you surprised by the complexity of Janelle Brown’s relationships in the polygamous community? Do you think she has a fetish for Meri’s men? If Meri marries again, might Janelle be interested in being another plural wife?  Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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