Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Considering Patching Up With Kody Due To Financial Issues?

Janelle Brown has been a favorite in the Sister Wives show. For more than a decade, fans have seen her be the provider for the family. But when she considered separating from Kody, Janelle was shocked after the upsetting revelations.

For instance, she realized how her financial condition had been the worst. That’s because Janelle always made her family the priority and didn’t have savings of her own. Now, rumors suggest that she might consider patching up with Kody Brown to be in a better space in a financial sense!

Sister Wives: Janelle Wants Kody Back For Financial Security?

“I’m 50, and I have nothing,” these are the words Janelle Brown uttered in one of the newest Sister Wives seasons. It happened when she was considering parting ways with Kody Brown. When she looked back at her financial standing, the star realized things were bad for her.

So, Janelle took a lot of measures to save up. For instance, she moved into an RV for a while and then into a tiny apartment in Flagstaff for the winter. But it looks like these measures haven’t been enough. As per a source from TheSun, Janelle might go back to Kody to ensure a financially secure future.

Sister Wives

They said Janelle won’t have money until the couple decides how to divide the money that they would get from the Coyote Pass property. Considering how worried the star looked regarding her finances in Sister Wives Season 18, she might just make this move.

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The source revealed how Janelle had never been financially stable and wouldn’t be able to do things on her own. So, for this season, reconciliation with Kody is very much in the picture. In fact, the latter had also admitted to eventually making amends with his second wife in the future.

Sister Wives: Kody & Janelle Clear Of Coyote Pass Dues TOGETHER! Hint At Reconciling?

Fans have been hearing about Coyote Pass on Sister Wives for many seasons now. Kody and his wives initially planned on building a huge mansion there to live together. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the family divided the land into parcels amongst everyone. But Christine gave up on it after her divorce.

Christine moved away to Utah by handing over her parcel to Kody. Later, there was news about debts still being due for Coyote Pass. But as per the latest reports, it isn’t the case. That’s because Kody and Janelle collectively worked to clear the remaining dues.

Because of this news, fans feel that the couple still stands a chance to make their relationship work and reconcile. As per the reports, Kody and Janelle fully cleared off their Coyote pass debt as of June 2. They had to pay the agency $146,200 and took care of it.

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