‘Sister Wives’: How Is Gabriel Brown Amid Parents’ Split?

Sister Wives star Gabriel Brown made a mark on the show for how he’s treated by his father, Kody. Many were devastated by the 21-year-old’s emotional scene last year, where he revealed that his dad forgot about his birthday. The patriarch and his son also had some disagreements during the pandemic. The young adult revealed that he has cut all ties with his father. Keep reading to see what he’s up to today.

Sister Wives: Is Gabriel Brown Still Studying?

Gabriel is presently studying at Northern Arizona University. He currently resides in Flagstaff. He has also made numerous appearances on the reality show compared to some of his siblings. The Sister Wives star hasn’t been active on social media. However, his last posts on Instagram are filled with heartwarming messages from fans, especially those who sympathize with him after being treated poorly by his dad.

Sister Wives Gabriel Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @gaberown Instagram

Gabriel’s Love Life & Kindness

Gabriel made headlines after fans noticed a woman sitting on his lap in a photo uploaded by Hunter. Not much is known about the girl aside from her name, Payton. But many are glad that he now has a special someone to rely on amid his heartbreaking situation with Kody.

Gabriel Brown Instagram

Aside from love life, Sister Wives fans also commend Gabriel Brown for his act of kindness. Earlier this year, he cut off his long hair and donated it to charity. He has also been in touch with his mother and siblings amid the patriarch’s absence.

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Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown’s Current Status With Kody

Things haven’t been the same between Gabriel and Kody since the pandemic. The 54-year-old was upset by his son’s decision to see his girlfriend amid Covid-19. Things also got even worse when he forgot about the day his son turned 21.

Kody Savanah Gabriel Instagram
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

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