‘Sister Wives’ First Kody Brown Sighting Since Christine’s Wedding

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has finally been spotted since his former third wife got married last weekend. Christine Brown tied the knot with David Woolley on October 7th. Since then, her ex has kept a low profile. Now, he is back in the public eye but why? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives First Kody Brown Sighting Since Christine’s Wedding

A bevy of Brown family members attended Christine Brown’s Utah nuptials to David Woolley. They had a lovely time celebrating the happy couple. This also happened to be Christine’s first legal marriage as she and her ex, Kody Brown only had a spiritual union. Of course, Kody and his fourth (and last remaining wife) Robyn Brown were not on the guest list. Rather, it seemed that they chose to leave and get away during the wedding weekend. There was also speculation that Christine wed on Robyn’s birthday, as well.

Christine and David Woolley - Instagram
Christine, David-Instagram

This all occurred after he exited the gym which is apparently something he does regularly. So, it seems he is just going about his regular life and daily activities. As to why he is walking around with a selfie stick is questionable but as long as it works for him. His life has been completely flipped upside down over the last two seasons and now he is trying to figure out how to rebuild.

It’s Over

In the last episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown had not really seen his second wife, Janelle Brown since their blowout fight before the holidays. They briefly met for an “appointment” at a restaurant as she called it. It did not go over well as she shared she wanted to stay separated. By May 2022, he got an exclusive reservation at an amazing restaurant for Janelle’s birthday. He had the hopes they could get back to center. Admittedly, it was not working for Janelle and she realized it was time to officially end it.

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