‘Sister Wives’ Fans Gasp In Horror Over Robyn Brown’s Words

Toward the end of last night’s episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown said something SHOCKING. Something that had the jaws of fans hitting the floor. What exactly was it that the TLC personality said? Keep reading for a recap of the episode.

Truely, Mykelti, Ysabel, And Avalon Visit Kody Brown

Just as the episode was coming to an end, Mykelti, Truely, Ysabel, and Avalon came to visit Robyn and Kody. Both Robyn and Christine agreed that Mykelti was the bridge between the family. Moreover, Robyn added that Mykelti made it clear she was neutral and would not be choosing a side. The episode featured both Kody and Robyn doting on Avalon. Kody agreed Avalon was so much fun to play with. Robyn added that Avalon was such a beautiful little girl and she had her heart.

On a whim, Kody Brown decided they were going to have a second Christmas for his girls and his granddaughter. So, everyone spent the night. And, they woke up the next morning to presents under the tree.

It was something Robyn Brown said during a confessional about this second Christmas that really set fans off.

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Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - TLC/YouTube

Cutting to a confessional, Robyn Brown admitted she didn’t like the idea of Ysabel, Mykelti, Avalon, and Truely getting to open presents while her children just sat and watched. So, Robyn saved a few presents to make sure her children could be part of the experience.

Sister Wives fans admit they raced to Reddit to explode about how angry what Robyn said made them. Fans agreed it felt like Robyn was refusing to let any of Kody’s other children feel special. Likewise, fans pointed out that the Christmas tree was loaded with stuff. And, the kids just didn’t need any more presents.

Moreover, fans also took issue with her constant use of “my kids.” In the same breath, Robyn will cry about Janelle’s children wanting nothing to do with her while referring to the children she shares with her children and simply “my kids.”

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube

The OP of the thread vented about the ugly comment: “I’m trying to wrap my head around the reasoning…she didn’t want to have kids that weren’t her own having something special? she knew her kids would throw a tantrum if they didn’t have presents? Make it make sense.”

“It reminds me of people who buy their other kids presents for one of their kids’ birthdays so they don’t feel left out. Kids have to learn that not every moment is about them. Robyn’s kids had their Christmas with their dipshit dad, let the other kids have it too,” another Sister Wives fan chimed in.

A third added: “Robyn will throw a fit if one of the kids doesn’t acknowledge her as a mom equal to their bio mom, and her kids as their step-siblings. But she says ‘my kids’ all the time and never means all 18.”

Overall, fans thought Robyn Brown’s idea for the second Christmas was both gross and selfish.

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