Sister Wives: Fans Compare Kody To Woody Allen For Strange Behavior With Step-Daughter!

Sister Wives Season 18 has already started to blow its viewers’ minds. It has documented one of the most raw and emotional moments of the Browns. Amid all this, the show featured a wholesome “father-daughter” moment of Kody and his stepdaughter Aurora. A recent episode documented how this duo went together to get the latter’s ears pierced and spent time together. After watching all this, fans were instantly reminded of Woody Allen. Hence, they started comparing the patriarch to this famous American filmmaker. But what are the similarities between Kody and Woody? What did fans observe?

Sister Wives: Fans Think Kody & Woody Allen Are The Same! But Why?

Kody Brown recently created headlines by accompanying Aurora to get her ears pierced! This incident seemed wholesome, but many Sister Wives viewers became skeptical about the former’s intentions. Apparently, fans felt that it was a bit creepy for him to go with Aurora only when he never did the same with his other older daughters. Hence, several viewers took this matter to Instagram and TikTok! Amid all this, users started to feel that Kody’s traits were actually resembling the infamous filmmaker Woody Allen.


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Woody Allen came into the limelight because he ended up marrying his own stepdaughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Apparently, he was 62, and Soon-Yi Previn was just 27 during the time of their marriage. Hence, this incident actually became one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals. After Sister Wives fans watched Kody hanging out with his stepdaughter Aurora, they got the same vibe as Woody! Recently, a page named Kodys_ex_wives took to Instagram and posted a clip with the caption, “She’s your STEP DAUGHTER. And this feels off.

Several viewers admitted that this scene actually felt a bit weird. A user wrote, “This whole scene made me cringe.” Another one added, “he’s the new Woody Allen.” Someone further claimed, “I feel woody Allen Soon YE vibe.” Hence, fans are now skeptical about Kody’s intentions and are wondering if he will end up becoming Woody Allen’s 2.0 version!

Sister Wives: Kody Decided To Go With Aurora But Not Ysabel! Why?

Kody and Christine from Sister Wives share a daughter named Ysabel. The latter had to undergo major surgery during the pandemic era because of intense pain. But her father decided not to show up and clearly denied traveling from Arizona to New Jersey for the same. This was indeed a painful moment for the star kid while her mother tried her best to cover up the void. After this infamous incident, Kody actually decided to join his “stepdaughter” to get her ears pierced. Fans were in disbelief and wondered how he could keep Aurora’s piercing above Ysabel’s painful surgery


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Recently, Mykelti revealed that segment in the show made her sisters really upset. As per Katie Joy, the star kid claimed that Kody never allowed piercings for his older daughters. Moreover, Christine’s daughters were sad to know that they actually “had a different dad.” This news was further shocking for the viewers as Kody didn’t even remember when his older daughters got her first piercing! That is the reason why fans started to doubt his intentions and compared him with Woody Allen! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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