Sister Wives’ Christine Reveals If She’s Abandoning Infamous Last Name After Marrying David Woolley

Sister Wives star Christine is gushing about her new life together with David Woolley as she reveals she won't be keeping Kody's last name forever.

  • Christine Brown plans to legally change her last name to Woolley but will still be known as Christine Brown.
  •  Christine found her soulmate in David and the couple quickly got engaged and married after meeting on a dating app.
  •  Kody Brown’s relationships with his second, third, and first wives have reached a point of no return, with Christine being the first to leave.

Sister Wives fans have been wanting to know why Christine hasn’t changed her last name yet to her husband David’s. In a recent interview with ET, Christine, 51, shared that she surely plans to do it. “I will change it legally to Christine Woolley, but I’ll still be known as Christine Brown,” she explained. Christine said that she’s been Christine Brown for 14 years. However, she admitted she “will be Christine Woolley, definitely.” Christine gushed about having an “instant connection” with David. “We just made sense. It just synced up,” she added.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley dressed up

Christine was with Kody for 25 years. They had six children together and the youngest, Truly Brown, was born when they were filming Sister Wives season 1. Christine was ready to start dating again when she broke up with Kody. Christine met David on the dating app named Stir. By February 2023, Christine told her fans that she was dating someone exclusively. Christine kept her new man a mystery for another seven days because they made their relationship Instagram official on Valentine’s Day 2023. Christine revealed she’d finally found the love of her life.

Christine admitted she’d already started looking at wedding dresses within a month of meeting David. “I had no idea it felt like this or would feel like this. It really is a dream come true,” Christine said about her husband. David popped the question to Christine in April 2023. They got married within a few months in Moab, Utah. Christine and David love traveling together. Their love is truly taking them places. Interestingly, the next place David will be seen is the One-on-One special of Sister Wives. It’s the first time that David is making his appearance on Sister Wives.

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