Sister Wives: Christine Brown Wants Janelle To Leave Kody (Is It Out Of Spite?)

Sister Wives Kody Brown has already lost ex-wife Chrstine Brown, but is Christine hoping he'll lose Janelle Brown for selfish reasons of her own?

  • Christine hopes that Janelle will leave her husband, Kody, as she believes he treated both of them poorly in their marriages.
  •  Christine wants Janelle to live independently, like she has post-divorce, and is subtly encouraging her to consider a life without Kody.
  •  Christine is looking forward to Kody’s public downfall and the negative backlash he may face for his mistreatment of Janelle.

After Robyn joined the family, things changed for all of his wives. Christine was the first to take the leap and leave her unhappy marriage with Kody in 2021. Her split from Kody was documented throughout Sister Wives season 17, with Janelle having taken the split the hardest of the wives as she was closest to Christine. When Janelle started having trouble in her marriage with Kody, Christine was clearly hoping she would leave Kody, as well. Though Christine has said she’s supportive of Janelle regardless of her choices, she may be pushing her sister wife to leave the family.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives

In the time between Christine deciding to leave her marriage to Kody and Janelle’s huge fight during Sister Wives season 18 episode 3, it was clear Christine was hopeful that Kody’s true self would be exposed. Christine didn’t pull any punches when speaking publicly about Kody. She made sure to speak her truth on Sister Wives, in interviews, and on social media as often as possible. For Christine, sharing the rough times she’d endured in her marriage to Kody was key to moving forward. She had the added benefit from sharing her truth of getting to explain what was happening in her relationship, allowing her sister wives to compare notes.

When Christine came to understand that Janelle and Kody’s relationship was on the rocks, it quickly became clear that she would be able to speak openly about Kody’s behavior to her long-time friend and sister wife. For Christine, having the opportunity to share stories about the way Kody behaved towards both her and Janelle was a huge moment. Hearing Janelle criticize Kody’s behavior was a milestone and knowing that his real nature had been exposed was exciting for Christine, who had been waiting on the sidelines for this moment for quite some time.

Side by side images of Christine Brown From Sister Wives

While Christine will support Janelle in her future endeavors, her biggest hope for her fellow sister wife is that she can live independently, the way Christine has managed to post-divorce. After Christine and Kody’s marriage ended, she made a huge decision and moved from Arizona to Utah, putting herself in a better position for her kids, as most of them are more local to Utah. Christine put herself and her children first, ultimately choosing to live independently of the Brown family and giving herself the freedom she’s always looked forward to and hoped for.

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After learning Janelle and Kody were having issues, Christine quietly began to push the idea of Janelle’s independence. From letting her know that her townhouse had an opening for a new rental agreement to asking leading questions about Janelle’s relationship with Kody, Christine tried to open Janelle’s eyes to the fact that her marriage was over long before she was ready to accept it. While Janelle was holding out hope for a reconciliation between herself and Kody, Christine was aware the relationship was likely over. Her hope for Janelle was that she’d be able to pick up the pieces and make a life for herself once the marriage officially ended.

During one of the most recent episodes of Sister Wives, Janelle explained that her relationship with Christine has always been a close one. The women have helped to raise each other’s children and after being in each other’s lives for 30 years, they have no plans to separate from one another. Kody, on the other hand, had some different ideas. He explained that if Christine is still in the picture for Janelle, things will be more difficult for him and Janelle if they attempt to reconcile.

Kody feels that Christine has been spreading vitriolic comments about him to everyone, but especially to Janelle as he can’t imagine that she would think so negatively about him on her own. Despite the fact that Kody’s actions have dictated Janelle’s reaction to him, and the fact that Kody’s own words have come back to haunt him with Janelle, he’s still convinced that it’s Christine’s influence that keeps Janelle angry at him. Janelle, who was hopeful to make amends with Kody prior to their massive argument, has been seeing Kody for who he is rather than through rose-colored glasses as she has in the past.

janelle brown in blue top smling pink background

Although Janelle hasn’t existed outside a relationship in over 30 years, her marriage to Kody wasn’t traditional in the sense that she was by his side day in and day out. For Janelle, living in a plural marriage gave her a sense of independence, especially in the way her children were raised and the things she was able to do in her life. Living without Kody hasn’t been much of a shift for Janelle, but it has changed her perception of how he impacted her decision-making and her life as a whole.

In seeing that Janelle was okay with her marriage to Kody ending, Christine became hopeful for her to regain a sense of self Janelle hadn’t had in her adult life. After her first marriage ended and she entered her second marriage with Kody, Janelle hasn’t had much time to herself as an adult. Christine is hopeful in pushing her to be independent of her relationsh to Kody that she will not only gain her freedom but be better off as a person. Janelle will have the ability to lean who she is now, and Christine is hopeful she’ll get to be a part of her sister wife’s new life.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with Janelle & Christine Brown looking serious

Although Christine is mostly in favor of Janelle and Kody’s marriage ending because she wants Janelle to be happy, she’s also looking forward to Kody’s public downfall. In seeing the way Kody has been treating Janelle and their fellow Sister Wives, especially in public, Christine is looking forward to seeing some hate go Kody’s way. While Christine isn’t lodging accusations without merit, knowing that she’ll be happy to see Kody get the public reaction he deserves would be the cherry on top of him losing Janelle completely.

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