Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares David’s First Reaction About Polygamy [Details]

Christine and David are counting the days to marry each other finally. The former came out of a polygamous marriage after leaving Kody Brown in 2021. She revealed in Sister Wives Season 18 that she hired a matchmaker for herself before meeting David. Also, she opened up about her insecurities about dating another man after so many years.

Seemingly, it had been difficult for her to make anyone understand her complex family structure. Fans are eager to know how David reacted when he got to know about the 18 kids and four Sister Wives in the Brown family. Christine revealed how her fiance reacted after hearing her history. What was his reaction?

Sister Wives: Christine Explains David’s Reaction After Knowing About Her Polygamous Family!

Christine Brown and David Woolley have been showing off their romance on social media these days. The former introduced her partner on Valentine’s Day this year. Ever since then, the pair have been sharing glimpses of their fairy-tale love. Fans have a lot of questions about how their relationship started.

Previously, she revealed that the pair met through a dating website called Now, the Sister Wives celeb spilled about how her fiance reacted when he first came to know about her complex family structure. Fans have been guessing how any guy would react when they got to know about a woman with six kids and a shared husband with 3 other women.

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Fortunately, David wasn’t surprised at all after the big reveal. It is because her fiance’s dad converted to the Mormon Church a long while ago. However, David Woolley wasn’t a polygamist. But Christine’s future husband had eight kids with his previous marriage.

So, we can say that Woolley has an idea of being around a bunch of large family kids. Overall, he wasn’t surprised at all about the polygamous arrangement. He just stated, “Okay, Okay,” after knowing the truth. As per People, Christine Brown is grateful that her fiance loves her after all the complications in her life.

Christine also opened up about how David reacted when he came to know about her closeness with Janelle. The Sister Wives celeb explained to her boyfriend that she went everywhere with her friends and her kids. But Woolley was completely okay with her past.

Sister Wives: Christine’s Daughters Bond With New Sister Ahead Of The Wedding!

Christine Brown from Sister Wives is no longer a part of the polygamous family. She is spending all her time preparing for her wedding. Now, it appears that her daughters have also started welcoming their new family. Recently, Gwendlyn shared a post about her reunion with the new sisters.

In it, She posed with Aspyn, Mykelti and Ysabel. However, fans were confused to see a set of two new faces in the pictures. It later turned out that they were partying with David’s daughters. She simply added “Sisters” in the caption to express her excitement.

Fans gushed over Christine’s daughters for being so welcoming of the new family. They praised Gwendlyn and her sisters for accepting Davi’s side of the family happily.

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