‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Flips Bird To Kody In Latest Move

Sister Wives star Christine Brown married David Woolley after she left Kody Brown and she found many blessings in life. Now that she’s happy and living her best life, TLC fans think that’s the best way she can flip him off. In a well-edited video, a creator used footage from Christine and from TLC to illustrate the situation.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Hit The Jackpot

Kody Brown always seemed to limit his third wife and he grew so angry when she dared to go against his wishes. In Season 17, she described their relationship as that of “a basement wife.” Basically, he expected her to put herself last in every single aspect of the massive polygamist family. Remember when he told her that if she wanted to vacation, then she should save her “grocery money?” Well, she can now say “Hell to the Naw” on that.

With David Woolley, it seems that Christine Brown hit the jackpot. Naturally, TLC fans hope that she stays happy. On platform X, previously Twitter, Sister Wives fans noticed that she enjoys her life a lot. In fact, from a happiness perspective, David’s new wife described being with him as winning “the lottery.”


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Sister Wives Christine Brown Flips The Bird To Kody

On Reddit, a video from TikTok revealed the old scene where Kody told his third wife that if she wanted “a vacation,” she should “save [her] grocery money.” Then a short insert of Christine saying “no” to that, revealed that she rejected her basement wife’s life with him. Titled Christine Bursts Kody’s Bubble Part 2, fans loved the music – How You Like That.

Christine Brown’s fans immediately started talking about the video which moved on and showed Kody’s ex enjoying amazing vacations with David.

  • living well is the best revenge!
  • It’s funny when you see him & Robyns family they are always scowling! You see any of the OG’s these days & it’s all smiles & laughter!!!
  • Yeah that karma Baldylocks said was gonna get her sure is brutal ????
  • I love seeing her so happy minus a big old doofus!
  • Oh man, Robin’s eyebrows are going to have something to say about this…

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