Sister Wives: Both Of Christine’s Wedding Looks Are So DRASTIC — You’ll Be Stunned!!

Christine Brown became the first wife to break through the shackles of the plural marriage. It was indeed shocking for the Sister Wives audience to see her choose herself after years of mistreatment. Soon, Janelle and Meri also followed her cue and split with polygamist Kody Brown.

Apparently, Christine was also the first one to welcome love again, as she found David Woolley a year after she and Kody split. Well, she also tied the knot with him, and die-hard fans have been successful in digging up pictures from both of Christine’s weddings. The results have been astonishing!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Glow Up After Marrying David Impresses Fans, “Looks So Happy”

Long time Sister Wives fans must already be aware of the basics of plural marriage in the Mormon community. A polygamist can have one legal wife while the rest spiritually get to marry him. Well, Christine was always Kody’s spiritual wife. Hence, they had an intimate affair when it came to their wedding.

It looks like Christine went for an extremely opposite vibe during her second marriage to David Woolley. She hosted a lavish fairytale-like wedding for herself with over 300 guests! Some fans did their digging and managed to find pictures from both ceremonies.

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Christine looked unlike herself and quite naive and gullible while posing with her former polygamist husband, Kody. Her wedding dress wasn’t much to look at either. However, her new pictures with David featured a much more confident and bold Christine, who had a big smile plastered on her face.

Sister Wives fans took to the comments section to compliment and commend Christine. They were indeed quite happy as the star was getting to do all the things she couldn’t do in her previous marriage. Hence, it has been a big milestone for Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Takes A Dig At Kody Brown With Kindness, Wins Hearts!

A lot of Sister Wives fans believe that David Woolley is definitely an upgrade from David Brown. They have seen him treat Christine like the queen that she is. They hadn’t seen the polygamist treat his wife the way Woolley did in merely a matter of just a few months since they announced they were dating!

In David’s wedding post that he posted on his Instagram, he couldn’t stop gushing over his new wife. He called Christine a “unicorn” and was thankful that someone let her go as she is a “keeper.” Fans instantly connected the dots and realized Woolley was very sweetly shading Kody Brown.

David’s wholesome and kind demeanor has helped him impress many fans and win hearts. Sources have also stated that they spotted cameras at the ceremony. So, it is quite obvious that fans will finally get to know more about David Woolley and his bond with Christine in the upcoming seasons.

Are you excited about Christine and David’s new beginning? Let us know in the comments.

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