Sister Wives: 8 Signs That Robyn Brown’s Actually A Nasty Person

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown's always playing nice and dabbing at her tears, but there's definitely a dark side. She's done some bad things.

  •  Robyn Brown’s concern for the state of the Brown family in Sister Wives season 18 seems fake and her negative traits make her appear like a villain.
  •  Robyn fails to acknowledge her role in the problems within the family and remains in denial, refusing to admit the truth.
  •  Robyn’s manipulative behavior is evident through her inconsistency between her words and actions, and her desire to have Kody all to herself while blaming others for their issues.

In Sister Wives season 18, Robyn Brown feigns concern over the state of the Brown family, but she’s not that believable, and there are signs that she’s actually a bad person. While everyone has their moments, Robyn’s showcased some negative traits which make her seem like a straight-up villain. While she always tries to come off as a great person with a caring spirit, under the surface, she isn’t all sweetness and light.

In Sister Wives season 18, Robyn’s watching the Brown family implode, and crying the usual crocodile tears. What she isn’t doing is getting real about why all the problems started in the first place. She fails to acknowledge her role in the situation, and that’s quite an oversight. The fact that she and Kody Brown are a united front, while the other spouses (and ex Christine Brown) feel iced out, is really important. However, she’s in denial, or just too stubborn to admit the truth.

8Robyn Brown Criticizes Meri, Janelle & Christine Brown

Recently, Robyn made some shocking statements about Christine Brown, basically accusing her of destroying the Brown family. It’s amazing that she put all the blame on Christine. Robyn should be aware that Christine had a very different experience with Kody. Christine didn’t get to be the favored wife like Robyn. How can Robyn judge a woman for turning away from that kind of neglect and looking for real happiness? Robyn often acts hard done by, and she’s infected Kody with the same type of wimpy spirit. Neither of them know how to take accountability. Does Robyn even believe what she’s saying? Since she’s a manipulator, she might not.

7Robyn Brown’s Very Manipulative

Montage of Sister Wives Kody Brown and Robyn Brown

Robyn isn’t very authentic because she says one thing and does another. That kind of behavior sends a message that she’s just playing a game with people. If she was genuine, her words and actions would be aligned. For example, she pretends to be upset about the issues in the family during season 18, but offscreen, she’s made it clear that monogamy with Kody is her goal. Since she wants him all to herself (and she’s accomplished this goal offscreen), the stuff she’s saying in the season seems like manipulation. She’s trying to influence family members and viewers with her chatter, but it doesn’t ring true.

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6Robyn Brown Wants Kody All To Herself

Sister Wives Robyn Brown

Formerly the poster girl for monogamy, Robyn’s really changed her tune. Onscreen, she’s still pretending to mourn Christine’s exit, while passive aggressively blaming Christine for what happened. However, offscreen, she said it would be disrespectful if Kody took another wife. Since Robyn’s probably wanted Kody all to herself for years, if not the whole time, that secret goal may have inspired her to make life very difficult for the other wives.

5Robyn’s The Power Behind The Throne

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown smirking in front of background images of Christine, Meri, and Janelle

While it’s fairly cruel to call Robyn a puppetmaster, as that’s harsh criticism, she may deserve the label. She’s always working in the background, pushing Kody to make decisions. Most of those choices hurt his exes.

Robyn isn’t stupid, and surely realizes that she has a lot of power over her mate. Kody, who’s talked about his “romantic tension” with Robyn, is no match for Robyn. While she’s always bursting into tears, she may actually be the stronger one. Robyn gets her way, using Kody as a human shield. She can tell him to what to do, or manipulate him into thinking it’s his own decision. Then, she can hide behind him, telling the other wives that she has no control over what he does. Robyn plays these games all the time.

4Robyn Keeps Kody From Seeing Some Of His Kids

Sister Wives Paedon, Christine and Kody

Robyn didn’t want Kody to see his older sons at Christmas. She said that was because he would feud with them during the holiday and ruin it. Wouldn’t it be better for Kody to talk things out with his own children, and hopefully reach some kind of understanding? Sometimes, an argument is necessary. In fact, once in a while, fighting can be healthy. Otherwise, people bottle up their feelings. What they repress can harm relationships. Robyn should not be closing the lines of communication between Kody and his children. That’s one of the worst things she does.

3Robyn Brown Lives Well While The Other Women Go Without

Kody Brown Robyn Brown Sister Wives

Robyn had said so much that seems totally shady. She said she didn’t want a costly rental, acting like Kody forced her to live in the fancy home. She was trying to make the other wives believe that she wasn’t comfortable living an upscale lifestyle. However, who knows what happens behind the scenes? It seems very unlikely that she doesn’t decide where they’ll live. Kody’s all about trying to please Robyn. Now, Kody and Robyn live in a luxe Flagstaff abode while Janelle Brown has to furnish her home with a hand-me-down bean bar chair.

2Robyn Brown Gave Up On My Sisterwife’s Closet

Montage of Robyn Brown from sister Wives looking shady

Robyn took over My Sisterwife’s Closet and then seemingly ran it into the ground. She was designing jewelry, including “inspirational” designs that weren’t exactly high art. Now, the website seems to be in limbo. Nothing’s happening with the company, and the legacy of the website is tarnished. This could have been a thriving business, and there’s so much interest in the show’s stars. Maybe she should have let the other wives have more power. They might have had more drive to make things work.

1Robyn Brown Refuses To Post On Social Media

Sister Wives Season 18 Robyn Brown

Why’s Robyn out? She hasn’t posted on Instagram in years. Sure, she gets a crazy amount of hate, but she should turn off the comments. By hiding out, she seems sketchy, like she’s concealing a lot of things about her life. If she posted, like Meri, Janelle and Christine do, she could show what’s really happening behind the scenes. Instead, she surfaces occasionally, giving interviews that sometimes feature bombshells. She uses the press when it suits her, but won’t post on Instagram, where she might have to deal with awkward reshares from Kody’s wives and exes.

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