Sister Wives – 8 Signs King Kody Brown’s Abdicated From Parenting (Except With Queen Robyn’s Kids)

Sister Wives cast member Kody Brown’s controversial actions towards his kids have proved that he has failed to be a responsible father.

  •  Kody Brown has struggled as a father to his 18 children, especially his first three wives’ kids, according to their own testimonies.
  •  Kody has shown favoritism towards his children with his fourth wife, Robyn, neglecting his other children’s needs and feelings.
  •  Kody has failed to support his transgender child, Leon, and has prioritized his own interests over his children’s, as seen in his absence during important events like Ysabel’s surgery.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives has been a great dad, but not to all of his kids. The 54-year-old lived his best life when he started on the popular reality series in 2010. He was married to three women and couldn’t wait to bring in his fourth wife to expand his family. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly as he had initially thought. Soon after marrying Robyn Brown, Kody began having problems in his relationship with Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. To make matters worse, he also started having trouble parenting his kids.

Over the years, Kody became a proud father of 18. He shares one kid with Meri Brown, six children with Janelle Brown, and six with Christine. Kody is also a father to five children with Robyn, two of whom are blood-related. The Brown family patriarch initially had a great run handling his family and polygamous relationships. However, things fell apart in the COVID pandemic when his first three wives grew tired of him not being around. Since 2020, Kody has said goodbye to Meri and Christine. Season 18 shows him dealing with his split from Janelle.

8Kody & Paedon Aren’t On Speaking Terms

Sister Wives Paedon, Christine and Kody

Kody has tried to be the best father to his 18 children. However, his kids from his first three marriages don’t think he has done a great job as a parent. Kody has the absolute worst relationship with his son, Paedon Brown. Over the years, Paedon has dropped the biggest bombshells on his father, revealing why he’s a terrible dad. Paedon has called Kody out for hypocrisy for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. He has also implied that Kody isn’t the man of the house anymore and is arrogant.

kody brown sister wives montage with blue tones

The gift exchange text chain is another example that proves Kody has failed as a dad to his children with Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Previously, Kody’s kids created a family group chat for a gift exchange. Unfortunately, things spiraled out of hand after Robyn couldn’t agree with other kids. Kody didn’t have anything to say about the terrible situation. Instead, she seemed busy with his and Robyn’s first daughter, Aurora, and getting her ears pierced. He seemed more concerned about a trivial thing than fixing the bigger issue to ensure everyone was on the same page.

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Montage of Sister WIves' Kody Brown, with his hands over his mouth

Kody’s lack of attention to his first 13 kids is another prime reason he wasn’t a good dad. Previously, Kody didn’t gift anything special to his other children but bought scooters for his kids with Robyn. One of the rudest Kody has done was when he didn’t contact or give anything to his youngest daughter, Savannah. The entire family, including Christine, was shocked to learn that Kody didn’t invite or see Savannah at Christmas. He seemed overly submerged in being a good dad to his kids with Robyn but didn’t care about anyone else’s feelings.

Dayton Robyn Brown Sister Wives both wearing burgundy shirts

Christmas wasn’t the only time Kody cared more for his kids with Robyn than his other children. Previously, the Wyoming man had done many things that showed he cared for his family with his fourth wife more than his family with Janelle, Christine, or Meri. Kody had made various excuses when it came to being a father to his first 13 children, but he has always been at the forefront while treating Robyn’s kids. He was there when Robyn’s son, Dayton, underwent an eye procedure. It was noted how Robyn’s kids have more freedom and an easier lifestyle than their other siblings.

4Kody Has Dissed His Trans Child Leon Brown

Montage of Sister Wives’ Leon Brown & Audrey Kriss

Kody seemingly despises his first wife, Meri, and his only child with her, Leon Brown. The religious dad didn’t support Leon’s gender-affirming upper body procedure. He stopped being a father figure to Leon and didn’t care that his kid was transgender. Kody broke off his relationship with Leon rather than being a supportive dad. He proved that he was “disguised,” by his kid’s identity. One source previously revealed that Kody doesn’t even acknowledge Leon. The source said (via The Ashley’s Reality Roundup), “Kody is telling close friends, ‘This is a new person. I don’t know who this person is, but this is not the little girl that I raised.”

3Kody Didn’t Bother Showing Up For Ysabel Brown’s Scoliosis Surgery

Ysabel Brown on Sister Wives looking serious

Kody has avoided taking responsibility for his children with his first three wives on various occasions. However, he turned fans against him when he decided not to be there for his daughter’s scoliosis procedure. In 2021, Kody chose to ditch his daughter, Ysabe Brown, when she got life-changing surgery to correct her spine. The Brown family patriarch’s excuse was that he couldn’t travel during the pandemic because of added risk. As expected, Ysabel wasn’t happy about it and said (The Sun), “I think his priorities are a little screwed up.”

2Gabe Brown Thinks Kody’s Dropped The Ball As A Dad

It’s difficult to memorize birthdays, especially when someone has as many kids as Kody. However, his son, Gabriel Brown, was heartbroken when his father didn’t remember his special day after he recovered from COVID-19. Gabriel said (ET), “I didn’t remind him that it was my birthday because I wanted to see if he remembered, and he didn’t.” Kody’s son cried his eyes out during the interview, admitting that his dad had dropped the ball. He was thoroughly disappointed and saddened by how his father chose to treat him and his siblings.

1Kody Wants Janelle To Sort Out His Problems With Their Kids

Meri, Janelle, Kody, Robyn from Sister Wives

A man would go to any lengths to fix his family relationships. However, Kody has seemingly grown his lineage so huge that he no longer cares about anyone but a few people close to him. Before his recent split with Janelle, Kody didn’t take responsibility for his issues with his kids. Instead, he expected his second wife to sort his problems out for him. Kody blamed Janelle for his failure with his kids and never took accountability. His behavior was a big reason Janelle from Sister Wives chose to leave him and focus on herself and her kids.

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