See Why Robyn Brown & Kim Plath Most Despised On TLC

TLC fans love to hate Sister Wives star Robyn Brown and Welcome to Plathville star, Kim Plath but are they the most despised cast members on the network? Actually, it seems like a good time to make the comparison because both shows currently air. Read on to find out what viewers are saying on social media about the two women.

TLC Fans Diss Robyn Brown A Lot

Why do so many people hate Robyn Brown? There’s a good chance that she takes the win for the most-hated award. Firstly, many people really cannot stand what they call her “fake” crying. Fake or not, she’s forever crying a river and it really irks viewers. Meanwhile, she seems to manipulate her husband Kody, and every situation around her. In fact, many people believe that she secretly cheered when Christine left, and took ten steps to Heaven when Janelle followed.

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TLC fans also dislike Kim Plath. Right from the beginning of the show, she seemed domineering and controlling. Remember, she restricted the activities of her kids. But that seems hypocritical because she was a wild child at college. Recently, she ended up charged with DUI as well. Of course, her sudden decision to take off and divorce Barry disgusted a lot of people. Kim is already trying to date on the show. Barry is picking up the pieces and bonding with his children. In real-time Kim already has a new man under her belt.


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TLC Fans Talked About Kim Plath & Robyn As Being Hated

On Reddit, u/gravityvfr opined, “The 2 most hated women on tv right now….Kim Plath and Robyn Bown ? ☠️.” Not everyone agreed, and one reader mentioned 90 Day Fiance star, “Angela Deem.” Actually, there are way more people to hate with the expansion of the franchise. So this comment also arrived: “OMG you [might] be right! That’s if we keep the 90 day peeps out!”

Kim Plath - Barry Plath - TLC YouTube - Welcome to Plathville
Kim Plath – Barry Plath – TLC YouTube – Welcome to Plathville

Other names from the TLC network were tossed in the comparison pot. 1000-Lb Best Friends didn’t go unscathed. A commenter wrote, “Those two crazies from 1000 Pound Best Friends are pretty bad, but they’re not on the Plath/brown level yet.” Anyway, their season is not airing right now. However, Whitney Way Thore’s MBFFL gets a lot of hate as Season 11 plays out.

And The Vote Is…

TLC fans seem to agree that out of all the cast members on the network, Robyn Brown and Kim Plath deserve the most-hated label at the moment. As one person said, “[The] Browns and Paths are a different kinda crazy lol.” 

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